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finally able to talk to parents

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rockage, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. backstory; been smoking since i was 16, I'm almost 19 now. parents caught me once i stopped for a bit and then started back up.

    recently was pulled over and a friend had a half ounce on him, got caught all that shit, parents found out obviously. anyways i think it made me and my parents become closer. they told me they used to smoke constantly, and my mom said she was very disappointed that i was driving under the influence but that she thinks its ok for an adult to smoke whatever they want in there house.

    how do i press the issue more to see if it's ok to smoke in my room (live with them, currently going to college)? any ideas?

    i know her arguments against me smoking are:
    -health isssues (lung problems common in family)'
    -putting others at risk (driving, etc.)

    any ideas guys ?
  2. obviously, if you smoke in your room and at home you wont be out driving at the time, so you wouldnt be harming anyone. and you are an adult so there really isnt a punishment if you do anything "bad".
  3. your safe in your room, your not behind a loaded weapon (the car) and the cops arent going to be getting you in trouble for something as simple as an herb..
  4. show her that your doing good in school, ask for a progress report or something. State the fact that its safer for you to be smoking in the saftely of your own room than being out and about. Show her facts that toking from glass isnt as bad as its made out to seen etc.

  5. Yuupppp thats what im doin bro i think ima finally tell my parents i smoke consistantly after i get my report card for this semester and its good (im 18 and go to college) and i got "caught" before too but i wasnt high i smelled like cigarettes idk why cuz idont smoke stogies but anyway i ended up tellin on myself and they gave me a month and then drug tested me and i passed then i stopped til i graduated highschool nooww i do it whenever i cannn oh yea when they talked to me about why i did it they told me stories about how they grew it when they were younger and thy were smiling during the whole story cuz they said watching the plants grow was fascinating but they didnt smoke it only sold it ha ha yeeeaaa sorry for babbling but i hope they approve

  6. Just show them that mj doesn't affect you in a negative way. Show them that your responsible enough to handle mj and go off to college.
  7. To be honest I was already angry/lazy/demotivated and had other "Stoner Problems" before I started smoking... if anything smoking has made me more social and calm, allowing me to enjoy my life.
  8. - If your still doing good at school then show them your report card, agree that if your grades/effort start to drop you'll take a break.
    - Try a vape? The vapour isnt bad for you like smoking.
    -If your in your room then your not going to be driving, plus your not going to get in trouble with the law etc
    Lucky you have reasonable parents thtat are willing to discuss it with you :)

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