Finally able to quiet 6" vortex and air pump.

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  1. I bought the vortex fan because it was the quietest thing available but found it to be loud as hell.

    1) Just because it has the brackets, do not screw teh fan into your rafters. Big mistake. the sound transfers like crazy. At the very least, you can try a gasket but I suspect no joy and did not even try that. What made the biggest difference was to screw two strong 1" eyelets into the rafters and then run one thick 24" bungie through each one and connect to each side of the vortex's bracket. this completely isolated the vibration and noise transfer to the raftes.

    2) Insulate your ducting and run at least a short run of the insulated ducting between the outlet of the fan and the carbon filter on the end (as I have it set up). This muffeled things quite a bit as well.

    3) Wrap the fan motor with insulation. I used a roll of pink wall insulation and just wrapped and taped it around the motor. I just upgraded it to some 1" thick America Mat (foam rubber) which quieted it it further but this was a $150 upgrade. Wrap it up good and avoid sound leaks (yes, it actually seems to make a difference if you wrap t up nice).

    I am really picky and now nobody can detect the fan when it is the only thing on. Only very late at night when everything else is off can I barely sense it - only because I know what I am listeing ffor. Finally satisfied.

    Same goes for the air pump for the reservoir. First I picked up the quietest and strongest aquarium pump I could find and then I made a little box out of America Mat that looks like an old metal mailbox or an old workman's lunch box. I cut out a rectangular base just larger than the pump and then cut a longer rectangle and bent it over the top of the pump. Then i made a front and rear side. I gluded and taped it all together except the front side so that I can access the pump. Since this is an air pump and it does generate some heat, i made some small vents but they do also let a little sound out.

    In addition. I lined the back of teh door in the gloset where teh grow room is with some more America Mat. This stuff is expensive. I spent about $280 for all of the above mentioned material in total and have a little left.

    The only thing I can hear outside of the closet now is a little bit of air wooshing in under the door and those damned oscilating fans.

    With the oscilating fans off and just the vortex and air pump running, it is near silent outside of teh closet. Inside the closet, you hear the air wooshing a bit.

    The noise picks up as soona s the two 6" oscilating fans are turne on. They are faintly audible from outside the closet and can barely be heard at night if the bathroom door (where the closet is located) is left open.

    Next project - quiet those dam oscilating fans or better insulate the closet.
  2. :) good advice.

    i'm going to use a fan controle to quiet my 6'' vortex fan. i dont need all 435 CFM so i am sure it'll quiet it if i turn the fan down a bit, i hope
  3. Even with the speed control, you may find that isolating the fan by hanging it will be necesary as well to eliminate the noise.

    I also have a fan control and found that with the fan attatched to the included bracket and the bracket screwed to the rafters that the noise still transfered and the thing sounded more like a cheap bathroom fan clanging around upstairs than the expensie quiet vortex that it is. I even tried mounting it in different spots to see if it was how I mounted it.

    Also keep in mind that when you turn down the fan speed with the control, the audible hum from the fan motor is LOUDER than when it is running unregulated. And if it is screwed directly to the rafters, you're prolly gonna hear that.

    Hope it works out for you with just the regulator. That would be slick.

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