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Finally.. a vaporizer..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mango733, May 16, 2010.

  1. In disregard of the fact that angela anaconda..? has invaded my thread..

    What flaws are evident with the vapor brothers model? I have been looking around this morning and have came to the conclusion that as long as the thing does it's primary job efficiently (I.E vaporizes my herb) It really comes down to how convenient, easy to set up, and how cool looking the thing is.
  2. A few major flaws in the design:
    The angle of the whip/heating element allows herb to easily fall into the element and possibly burn. Even propping up the back in this case doesn't help much because of the extreme downward angle.
    The air intake vent is on the very bottom, allowing large particles to pulled in and built up over time, this also allows you to contaminated air that passed through electrical components inside of the unit x
  3. Thanks man... Need more input like this!!! Cmon slackers.
  4. I'd check out I'm looking at getting a vape and have found the forum's members really helpful, also quite a few online vape sellers in the US offer a discount if you're a member there.

    There quite a few vapes depending on what you're looking in terms of quality whether you want a stealth one, efficient one, one with a good bag system (for groups) or a good whip (for solo), one with a big bowl etc.
  5. Why would anyone want a big "bowl" on a vape???! That's crazy, a bigger bowl means you need to use more, the most efficient vapes can only hold very tiny doses at a time.
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    i just recently purchased my first vaporizer (silver surfer) and i 100% recommend over everything else ive used/ seen. Its built so well, it heats up fast and its just alot more easier than most of like sub $200 vaporizers.
    not to mention the 3 year warrenty, you arent going to be shitting your pants if something happens to go wrong a year through.

    the purchase will pay for itself money wise and you will have alot better high/experience.


    just noticed your concern with the bud being dumping into the heating element, with most vaps its an issue but the silver silver is built so you put the bowl in on an incline and nothing is wasted.
  7. The Silver Surfer has the total opposite angle as of the Vapor Bros. The Da Buddha is similar to the SSV but cheaper and the whip sits at a 90degree angle. The DBV comes standard with handsfree GonG where as on the SSV does not(but you can get it with the GonG if you want).
  8. Yeah NYC, it's seeming like SSV vs DBV as of now. Not going to drop the cash for a good volcano.. But you can get bags for both of the aforementioned vapes right?
  9. #29 RepentYeNbelievethegospel, May 17, 2010
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    Nope. If you want a good vape that does bags and whips then get an Extreme Q(like I already said), not the regular Extreme.

    Stop thinking that Volcano is best, it's just the most expensive. IMO it's a rip off since you can only do bags snywats and there are cheaper models that are just as good that have a bag/whip option.

    Plus bags are really only usefull for large groups(you can still use whips in a group just not as easily) and can get annoying if your watching a movie or whatever and you have to listen to the bag crinkling for 5 minutes.
  10. I highly recommend Da buddha as well (Da Buddha Herbal Vaporizer)

    My friends and I got one a few months back and we all love it. It doesn't take long to heat up and if you've looked in to vaporizers, you'll find that there is some talk about the different kinds of heating units and which are more healthy etc. Da buddha has a ceramic heating unit with all glass parts and i've read that it is the most healthy option. It hits very well and from what i have noticed the hits have seemed to be improving ever since we started using it almost as if it has been broken in (could just be me being high). The only setback is that the glass piece that connects to the heating unit broke because my friend dropped it on his concrete floor (not a flaw of the vape purely our error) but it can easily be cheaply replace.
  11. #31 Mango733, May 18, 2010
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    Ok it's looking like Da Buddah is going to be my choice. Silver Surfer seems like the same vape with a slightly higher price tag.

    The only thing is the bag appliances really appeal to me... Just for the sake of conformation... There is no way to apply a bag to whip style vapes?


    GAH now you got me looking at the Extreme Q... Oh the choices!
  12. #32 RepentYeNbelievethegospel, May 18, 2010
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    No, plus with most bag vapes, you need like 5 bags to feel effects since bags use a fan to fill and this creates a higher air:vapor ratio. Whip type vapes produce a more concentrated stream of vapor. You will love a good whip vape( like DBV) once you learn to use it. Remember that every unit has a learning curve, but it shouldn't take more then a week or two to master the science of vaporizing with your specific model.

    A couple more cons to bags:
    More moving parts that can break, bags and valves are expensive and must occasionally be replaced,

  13. silver surfer my friend, im telling you
  14. The DBV and the SSV are both GREAT choices, you will be very happy with either, and if you've got the extra $ then why not go for the SSV?

    So your down to the DBV, SSV, or Extreme Q. Correct?
    All great units that you will be very happy with.
  15. i'd go with DBV

  16. Yeah it's between those for sure... Thanks for all the input man you really helped me out here.
  17. $300 was my budget for my first vaporizer as well and I came down to basically the same choice of options as you. I went with the SSV and never looked back.

    Im just going to second what NYCdeisel already said: the DBV, SSV, and ExtremeQ are all quality vaporizers and you will not be disappointed with either.
  18. No problem Mango! :wave:Make sure to update on your decision or make a thread when you get your vape.
  19. Bro,sticking with homemades is fine too. They usually work close to as well as factory made shit and they cost near to nothing to make. :)

  20. I LOVE my Vapor brothers! If your herb is falling through its because you didnt pack it right. Never Had a problem with buildup, it just doesnt happen. Like are you using this in dirt or something?

    Vapor bro is American made, No glue, no chemicals, glass on glass, No rubber parts, no metal parts, the only plastic is the very bottom so the lights can shine through.

    It's heated up by the time your done grinding your herb.

    It has a lifetime warranty. They really have great customer service! (yes lifetime warranty still applys even if you smoke herb in it!)

    It conserves your herb!! OMG I cant tell you how much this rocks!!!

    And it's only like $180. Great price for such an awesome vaporizer!

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