Finally! A philosophically and spiritually neutral post!

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    Could it be possible? Yes, indeed it is possible. It would be pretty insane if it wasn't. Since this is philosophy, I should begin by explaining what I mean by neutral. I'm going to do a little trick here that good philosophers do, and that's speak plain, non-controversial, intelligible English(or their language of choice). Neutral means, there is no argumentative attitudes. There's no "atheist making angry post about religion". No religious person saying something stereotypical. None of what you deem to be that. Okay? Okay. YESSSSSSSSS!!!!

    Ok. So you like philosophy and or spirituality? Either will work. Both would probably work better. So do I, and I strongly recommend watching Known Universe, the National Geographic show. And if you're reading this thinking "Uh.. that doesn't sound very interesting." Just humor me. Try yourself for a few episodes.

    It's that good.

    ...assuming you're stoned.:smoke:
  2. All philosophies are no were close to truth because they are solely based on words and appearances. The wise never cling to words nor appearances , being and non being, existence and non existence, oneness and otherness, bothness and not bothness. There is no form that is what philosophy has lost.
  3. No bro. Don't do this in this thread please. :smoke:
  4. Dude I'm so stoned........ You should see my plants they are so cool. :smoke:

  5. Why you gotta be so normal :D
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    Well, that was fun while it lasted.

    It's funny how you have put a philosophy into words that is attempting to explain the wordless, and pretend that's some kind of wisdom. You say this is lost in philosophy while showing us it isn't. That's pretty typical dao.
  7. Question, how is one attached to being?

  8. No matter how the question is answered, being always is.
  9. It's how you use the words. If you end in a paradox, you are saying nothing while still communicating the idea of nothing effectively.

    Ex: "I am right, while at the same time wrong."

    You aren't saying anything specifically. You are stating that your ideas aren't correct or incorrect, they are just simply are ideas. No judgement on the ideas....they just exist.

    That's how Lao Tzu uses words to explain the inexplainable. He uses paradoxes to show neutrality in an effective mannor.
  10. Really? Is that what he does? Really?

  11. What is wisdom to you? Not what you've read/heard.
  12. knowledge at a maximum of understanding achieved by patience and sound judgement, or an identified and acknowledged lack of knowledge or understanding.

  13. Is the before obtainable?

    Is the latter already upon us all?
  14. yes and yes. the maximum understanding can increase with time and learning, and although few people seem to really acknowledge their lack of understanding, there are plenty who will.

  15. If you could put it in a sentence, how would you describe your actions until your death? Are you here just to learn?
  16. I'm gonna check this out, I love stuff like this.

    Now I just am going to see if I can find it on the web... if not I'll just see if I can catch it on TV. Are there new episodes of it on a certain night or is a rerun type of show?
  17. if thats what i want to do.
  18. Im just pointing a finger but you have totally forgot about the target and just keep talking about the finger.
  19. i dont care much about either.

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