Finally A new Connect

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by lil_rippsta, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Ahhh Isnt it badass when you can have a Hella Reliable Connect (dont apply to those who grow...lucky) that dont rip you off and hooks it up Phat as fuck :hello::smoking:
  2. haha my connect grows.. he totally hooks it up phat.
  3. my connect grows, so i always get a really good draw
    he sometimes takes the piss though, normally he's about half an hour which is fine, but when he says 'ill be there in 15 mins' and its 3 hours later, it just ruins the whole night :(
  4. my connect used to be awesome, he was a middle man but he never used to pinch the sack or anything, he would always come to me and it would be pretty bomb weed, then he got lazy and moved me up to his higher up and this guy is a lazy ass turd, he takes a minimum of 3 hours to text/call back and when he finally does he just tells you he can't get it for another two days, two days go by and you haven't heard from him, then about 3 days after that he will call you up and finally deliver it.

    can't wait till i'm growing my own gods :D
  5. yah my connection is awsome he sells dank for $10 a g, drives to me, always replys to text, get here at the time he says hes gonna be, and weighs it out infront of you

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