finally a glimmer of hope

Discussion in 'General' started by SmokinGirly, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. fuck yeaaa

    i got an interview tomorrow

    pretty sure i got the job because my cousin works there, she also smokes herb so i think its gonna be awesomeeeee
    she is actually the one that showed me the gift of marijuana

    i'm pretty stoked its a restaurant called On the Border
    never been a server before but i'm hoping to rake in mad cash :hello:
    i am so 'cited :D:D:D
  2. Hell yeah girl,

    I used to be a waitress,

    spent all my tip money on blow,

    you get a lotttt of tips

    so i think you'll be happy :D
  3. excited now.
    ready to kill a bitch tomorrow.

    glad that you might have a chance to get a job and get your life back straight! (read your other post)

    but serving isn't all that it's great to be. especially those 10% tippers. DIE!


    wait!! which one? if it's the one near gwinnett that'd be hilarious.
  4. i actually plan to do that too haha
    the pay checks i get will go into a savings account and the tips, well i spend on drugs

    ahh yesss a good plan i think
  5. thanks so much!
    i live in snellville so you tell me
  6. My sister used to be a waitress and bought alot of blow and weed with her tip money as well.... Now Im a valet and I do it with mine :hello:
  7. Dominoes.
    Chill ass people, cool ass enviornment.
    Sorry ass minumum wage.
  8. yea but i'm looking forward to having cash in hand at the end of the day
    maybe that makes up for it
  9. ohh snellville. haven't been around that area too much.
    but yes gettin cashed out at the end of the night is great!

    spend all my tips on the goody goody greenness.

    make that money girl!
  10. Be sure to shake that ass for an extra tip. :smoking:

    Waitresses who go that extra mile always get my tip. :D

    Grats on getting an interview.
  11. Congrats on the interview and good luck.

    I will admit the last time I went to On The Border I was less than pleased with the food and service.
  12. hell yeah

    i faxed in a aplication to this place called "the Urban Farmer"

    seems like a cool place


    i got my fingers crossed for yaz!
  13. fuck that place i didn't get the job

    its bullshit
  14. Shit... well at least you tried. :smoking:

    Something will come along.
  15. Dude, you dont want that job anyway. Serving SUCKS. You make 2.63$ and hour. I worked 35 hour weeks all summer and my paychecks would be between 0.00-15.00$ a week after taxes. Tips I'd make anywhere between 20$ - 120$ per shift. It's all luck and I was a damn good waiter. Anyway, best of luck in your employment search.
  16. I served for a couple years myself. Get ready to start hating humanity. The first time you get stiffed on a 40-50$ check you will want to blow the place up with everyone in it.

    But unfortunately it will be the first of many.

    Regardless I still made decent money but it all depends on where you work. Just remember to bank yourtips. It's easy to be running around with all this cash and think you're rich and blow it on shit. Then when you get your paycheck and it's only 70-80$ (cuz u make a servers wage) you'll wonder where all your money went
  17. Wow they have restaurants in sweatshops now?
  18. what happened?
  19. fuck em, you will find a job

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