final weight ????????

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  1. My room is 3X3
    600 hps
    all ff ferts
    4 plants
    total yeild 234 g.
    using co2 but not every day all day i turn it on for twenty seconds every couple hours when light is on!!!

    :hello:wanted to know if thats good number for the area its in???:hello:

    no prunin or bendin just let them grow
    flip light when they where 11 inches finshed at 3 1/2 feet

    if anyone can give me info would be app

    thx :smoke:
  2. Rumpleforeskin does a similar style set up (but with hydro), with only 2 plants and I think he pulls around 12 oz's. Check out his grows
  3. 234 grams is nothing to sneeze over. Great yield. My CFL's and 4 plants would yield about 180 dry. My waats are close to 600 veg/flower combined. This would be with grow dialed in and not an every day occurance.
  4. thats less then .4g per watt, (.5g per watt is considered average for an average yielding strain) so thats not bad. unless ur plant is a really low yielder then its pretty good for a first time.

    i finished some bubakush which is a low yielding strain
    and i pulled 1306g off 2 1000w thats about .65g per watt (thats not counting the crappy popcorn i turned into hash, maybe another 1/2oz)
    and im not happy with that. but its the first time with that strain, next time around it will be better.
    i trimmed all the crappy b-buds of the bottom branches this time around

  5. not sure on the strain bagseed!!!! next run got 5 bubba kush from greenhouse 5 super lemon haze goin in the room!!!! how many plants did it take to get 1306g?
    this was my frist indoor run i think it was ok for the frist time.... thx for the info

  6. For unknown bagseed genetics, and your first time, you did awesome. Can't wait to take a look at your SLH grow. +rep
  7. thx alot for the rep I cant wait for my slh either. i post some pic of my setup in the next day or so. Still have three bagseed finishin up,:smoke: then i gonin name brand. im happy with .39 per watt i got eight free oz. atleast i dont have to pay out of pocket anymore:D

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