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Discussion in 'General' started by RMJL, Oct 10, 2003.

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  1. This thread should be considered the final warning for all those who have been repeatedly warned by the moderators. There will be no more warnings to those people.

    If anyone get\'s banned from the City, they brought it on themselves. We have over 9600 members and the majority of them have no problems following the rules. The few that do have received plenty of warnings and some have been given more chances than they probably deserve.

    If you choose not to adhere to the rules, then you choose to ultimately not be here.

    For everyone who does show respect for the City and it\'s members, thanks for what you do to make the City what it is. :) It\'s a cool place and it\'s going to stay that way.

  2. Ok...we have an issue and I\'m going to explain things right now. There\'s a small handful of people here who feel that they should be exempt from the forum rules. They have been warned over and over for many different reasons for many months and they continue on with their behavior. They have been warned in PM\'s and have been warned in the forums.

    There is a lot of crying about posts being deleted. Posts have been deleted and moved for the entire existence of Grasscity and even when it was the Coffeeshop. The reason this is now an issue and that there is so much crying and the reason why the vibe sucks here is because under normal circumstances this shit wouldn\'t have lasted this long. We wouldn\'t have allowed it to get to this point and the negativity that is all around would not be here.

    We have given more chances to this handful of members then have ever been given to anyone, I believe. I see a lot of talk about freedom of speech. Apparently, it exists or you wouldn\'t be reading about this issue over and over again in almost every thread you see. Freedom of speech is a great thing but when rules are broken repeatedly in an internet forum that has over 9600 members with over half active, action has to be taken and the rules have got to be enforced.

    SuperJoint has moderators for a reason. We have slacked up and allowed it to get to this point by given more chances than normally allowed and because of that, the City is suffering. No more suffering for the City.

    Like it or not, this is copied from SJ\'s rules. This is how it is!

    \"Moderators and Admins are here to help you, but also keep in mind their decisions are final. They have the power to ban members and alter/delete postings as they feel necessary.\"

    No one is ever banned for no reason.
  3. *bump*

    For those who missed it or are really confused. The link to the rules is also available in this thread.

    Anyone who has been banned under one user name will continue to be banned under all other user names that they try to use when they return!!!

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