Final Veg size transitioned to flower yesterday. Guess the yield my first grow

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  1. Well everyone I'd say I did pretty well for my first grow for the veg state (one almost flowered ) IMG_0003.JPG . I did take some time to research and watch a bus load of Jorge Cervantes Videos lol anyhow... here are my girls 8 of em you can't see the back ones very well but they look pretty much the same as others some yellowing on leaves . Normal during flowering. Blue cookies was an auto strain in the back batch 3 weeks left I would say been monitoring the bud sites . Flora nova series grow and bloom , fox farms ocean forest cal mag, and snow storm ultra have given me dense fat buds with plenty of thc I'd say 19 to 20% again this is my first grow. Any how I can't wait to see how the rest turn out by November latest. Check em out and let me know what you think . Should get a decent amount! Happy growing everyone.
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  2. I'm not the right person to ask but I would guess up to 1lb a plant.

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