Final two weeks

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by crasha51pan, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. My plants are in "full" flower. Have maybe two weeks till I harvest....
    Is it OK to start to trim off the larger fan leafs ? Some are yellow and falling while others are still green. Have the urge to start cleaning off, not only the fan but the smaller leafs too. Just leave the cola's to rippen...
    Suggestions ??????????
  2. Don't trim anything. You'll see when they're dead and you can pull them off if they bother you.

    When you say full flower, are the trichs turning amber?.
  3. Everyone's methods are different, madodah probably doesn't trim anything whereas I trim probably 30% of the plant's buds that aren't going to mature to full dense buds.
  4. "are the trichs turning amber?. "..Some are but not to the 50-50 I'm looking for. It's why I gave myself to the end of the month. Growing Hollands Hope and they are supposed to finish towards the end of Sept.
    Looks like they will work out just fine, and finish when they are supposed to...
  5. You're ahead of me and that sounds good for you. Mine, local indica that started flowering the last week of July, are still cloudy. I'm normally looking at the first week in October if the weather holds. My average first frost is the middle of October but it is an average.

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