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  1. hey. I hav 120 x 120 x 2 grow tent and want to hav 4 babys in there under a 600w. I will be growing in soil. Any ideas on final pot size. I woz thinking bout 15-20 litre or is that to big!
  2. I like 7 gallon for growing my bigger than average plant. If Im not using my 7 gallon smart pots, I'm using 5 gallon buckets.

    Depends on how big you want to grow them. 5 or 7 gallon
  3. cheers mate. will prob go for the 20 litre fellas then. do u hav to top them or something to keep them from getting to tall.
  4. No such thing as "too big", as long as it fits in the space. Bigger root volume = bigger plant.
  5. i want nice big plants but not to tall. do u think they wld need topped with pots that size? is there other ways of controlling there height??
  6. Height is affected by genetics, so some plants will be more than happy to stay short, even in big pots, and some will reach for the sky, even in small pots...

    If you need to control height LST and supercropping are good ways as well as topping...

    Should be some good info around on both methods...
  7. so big pots r the way forward cheers! they r super silver haze which supposedly grow pretty tall so i will check out those methods cheers for the info.
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    Ok. With photoperiod plants Overall height is so subjective. Because of the variables. Overall height is going to be determined by how tall the plant is when you flip the tming. Unless the plant is genetically engineered to be dwarf.
    I don't care if you use a 55L rubbermaid garbage can for a pot. If the little bitch is only 5 inches tall when you flip the switch. She is never going to be a 12 footer.
    So really overall height is how long/tall you grow it in veg. But once you flip that switch growth is a race against the clock. And she only has so much time.
    Now more roots= more fruits so bigger pots are always better.

    So when people say how tall is a certain plant going to get? we have to assume feeds, lights, temps, ect are all optimal.
    If your genes are designed to stay small then you have to compare with other similar plants.
  9. Look in the SCROG method. After having an experience with a 7 foot plant popping up in my indoor grow, I decided to start growing horizontal, instead of vertical.

    I couldnt have been happier with my results. Im on my first SCROG grow, and I love the setup.

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