FINAL newb outdoor growing idea.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by greengrapes, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. My idea is to start the seeds in July in one gallon containers so they'll stay small.
    I'm going to use fox farm nutes and grow seeds from marijuana-seeds nl.
    I'll be buying regular seeds and I plan to pollinate one female if the grow goes well.
    I'm growing in Minnesota, so they'll start flowering mid august. I'll probably grow hollands hope.
    Any thougts?

  2. Good luck, and let it do its thing I guess! I'm not outdoor grower, but a friend of mine is, and his are doing awsome! Even though MN been hot as hell this year. I would start soon though, and are you germinating those seeds befor hand?
  3. I would start this year, but I don't have seeds yet. I'll do this next year, though. I don't think I'll germinate beforehand, though.
    It will be interesting, I guess, to see the yield. Should be fun:).
  4. If size is a concern, have you thought about some Lowryders or another strain like that?

  5. Ah I see, well in that case. Soak up some knowlage over winter and go nuts next year! Winter is a great time for an indoor grow however... Ever thought about a stealth grow?
  6. I agree with original past, planting seeds outside in a state like MN in july will be bad. You would be better off going with a bunch of autoflowering strains for many reasons.

    1. It will stay shorter if that is your issue.

    2. Planting autoflowering strains on mothers day will usually end up harvesting in late july/early august. In northern states this is good because the UV Index is still high at this time. Many will argue that UV-B has a direct connection with THC levels. Have you ever got sunburnt in the middle of october? because thats when you are going to be harvesting if you plant a regular plant. I am willing to bet that an autoflowering strain will be more potent if harvested right as the sun is coming up on august first then a regular plant harvested in october. I didn't think of this until this year but next year for sure I am doing a ton of autoflowers outside.
  7. I bet you could easily get 8-12 ounces off one autoflower outdoors

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