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  1. Alright, I have made many posts about my first grow questions, but I have finally solidified my Grow Box design, strain/seed choice, and method of growing. I would love for a final word from any vets about whether or not this is a) a good plan, b) too ambitious, c) has design flaws, or d) any other issue.

    Grow Box >>

    Materials: 2x4 Studs (frame), Plywood Sheets, Mylar (on every surface area), 2 Intake fans, 1 (possibly 2) exhust fans, 1 600w HPS w/ reflecter.

    4 ft x 4ft (measured from the inside), 5 ft Height (measured from inside). Bottom intake fans will be positioned on opposing walls on opposing sides of the walls (if that makes sense, I hope). A third wall will open like "barn doors" and secured with a padlock. The fourth wall I will put shelving most likely to keep supplies at hand. On the ceiling I will run an anditional 2x4 across the middle and drill two holes through for chains to hang the HPS and use rock climbers rigs attached to the roof to adjust the height. Also on the roof, I was going to put at least 1 exhaust fan w/ a carbon filter. I was thinking a possible second exhaust fan because I don't know how much heat the 600w HPS will emit, but then again, I am also in a fairly chilly basement.

    Strain(s) >>

    Papaya & Misty were my choices for first strains to grow. They look as if they won't grow too tall; all the better with a 5 ft ceiling.

    Methods >>

    I am going to start with LST on all of the plants to max our surface area until the plants are within inches of one another (I am fitting 8 total in the room ... probably 10-12 at the beginning to weed out those nasty males). From there I am going to allow the plants about 2 - 3 ft of growth into their respective screens. From there, the scrOG method will be employed, and I will finish their training by making an even canopy form at the screen level. Once growth has come to about 4 inches above the screen, I will commence flowering.

    My hope is that from 8 plants I can get in the neighborhood of 1/2-3/4 lb of dry weight (all for personal use actually).

    Anyone have criticisms or questions? Just lookin' to solidify my plans because there are so many ways to grow and learn about growing.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. if your luckly you'll get a 70f/30m ratio, i wouldn't count on that though for your first grow. Your best bet is to go for 2x as many plants to start as you would like to have or can fit for flowering. Also growing them 3feet tall in veg will run you into space issue. You must give atlest 12in for the hps unless in a cool tube or vented hood then 6inch, 1 foot of space minumum for pots, 3ft plants then will be a bit large in your grow room. I would FIM at the 4-6th node, helps latteral branching grow them to about 1.5-2ft max, most strains will about double in size from flower to finish, and some late sativas can get close to 4x the size from veg.

    Most beginner grows don't understand the importance of transplanting and root growth, 3ft plants need about 3gallons of soil (about 1 gallon of soil to 1ft of plant, deppending on bushiness) i would then transpant to 6-7gallon pots to flower them once again creating space issues.

    I would recomend a dehumidifier for your room our atleast outside of it, basements can get quite moist and can cause mold issues, especially in scrog grows. Having more than one exhaust will force you to get 2 carbon scrubbers, also air volume is cubic, so 2 3in holes will move less then 1 6in hole. Make sure your intake is close to the size of your exhaust so your exhaust can move more freely.

    For the most part seems like your off to a good start, be patient, don't over diaganos your plants. What method are you planning on for feeding them organics in soil/organic fets/salt ferts/soil brand/ are you even going soil?? Exhaust through the top, and bring fresh air in through the bottom.
  3. sounds good on paper .... good luck ..with all that goin on you might consider a grow period with a longer veg cycle.... IF you LST veg em a little longer to get more budsites n youll love those extra few daze/weeks (ive vegged sativas for 90+ and was incredibly satisfied) when you get 2 ozer's on each lady..;)
  4. Alright ... let's say that I decide not to FIM. What is you guess of height requirements I will need. I can always create a larger grow box; so far this is just planning. My goal is 8/9 plants in the small space possible. All of these scrOG and LST guides I have seen are supposed to help keep height under control (or am I off here?). I was hoping to LST all of my plants up to about 2 feet of growth where at this point the screen would be ready to take on new training. My veg period would be something along the lines of 75-80 days attempting to keep the plants as low, but WIDE as possible. In the last stage of unTIED growth I wanted the screen to work mostly to create a particularly even-er canopy compared to simply LST all the way through. I would let my ladies grow over, loop them down a few times, then I would be ready to let them flower with only a few inches off the screen. If you mean the plants grow double in size (ex: I flower a plant that is 2' tall), then it will end up 4' tall? Damn! That would be some aweful fast growth.

    What would be your suggested dimensions for 8/9 plants, LST & scrOG'ed? It's hard for me to visual the grow when I have never been directly involved in the growing process. Would I need more widthxlength, or do I simply need more height? I'm reallin' just lookin' for someone to drop some good dimensions for an 8/9 plant scrOG grow. I know someone on the forums has to have that info.

    Also ... for ferts and stuff, I haven't hit that part yet. Since I am on a budget, I am goin' to get all the grow box designed / built / outfitted while I recoupe the cost to put into all of the necessary supplies for growing my babies. It is a process in the works ... And, I will definitely take your advice on the germinating more seeds than I had planned. I'll most likely then germ 18 seeds and pray for half of them fem.

    And thanks for the comment about the 2oz ... haha. You are boostin' my confidence of reaching my dry weight goal. A buddy of mine just pulled out a lb of wet nugs he harvested a couple days ago from 6 plants. He has a leg up experience-wise, but I think if I can maintain 2 more plants, I might reach that weight. He sells; I don't ... haha.


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