final height, is it about pot size or veg time?

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  1. I know it has to do with genetics too, or just a sativa vs indica, but I am growing some sativas and some indicas, various strains, so what overall determines the final height of the plant?

    my friend spent 2 months vegging and has like 3.5-4 foot plants, will they really double in flowering and be 8 feet tall in the end? they are only in 3 gallon buckets.

    I am in 4 gallon buckets currently but thinking about transplanting to 5 gallon buckets when I flower, so when my plants start flowering they will be about 2 feet tall. So, what final height can i expect?
  2. Well they both matter. Yes, they tend to double/triple in size compared the their vegetative size. However a plant can only grow if it has room for its roots or it will get root bound. A 5 gallon pot is a great size. Your friend is going to need to transplant because if he is only switching to flower now, those things are going to be huge and my guess is he is going to run out of room, he should have SCRoG'd!
  3. hmm, well my friend does not want his plants to grow anymore, he has 1 foot left, but he started flowering after 2 months of veg which resulted in 4 foot plants. He wants them to be 5 feet ideally, do you think that is possible or will they be like 8 feet?

    i understand that if you have the same strain in a 3 gallon pot and another plant of same strain in a 5 gallon pot, the 5 gallon pot plant should be generally taller, but what about same pot and different veg time:

    1. same strain, same 3 gallon pot, one plant is vegged for 1 month and goes into flower at 1 foot tall
    2. second plant is in veg for 2 months and goes into flower at being 3 feet tall

    would you expect different final height for these 2 plants?
  4. Definitely both pot size and veg time. The longer you veg the bigger the plant will be, but only to the point that the root volume will support. Beyond that you will get a root-bound plant.
  5. thus, even though my friend has 4 foot plants now, when they are done they will probably not be over 5 feet (i'm guessing since i got that in a 3 gallon before but i vegged for 5 weeks) cuz they are in a 3 gallon container... right?
  6. If he vegg'd till they were 4 feet, they are going to get bigger. Every strain is different so you never know. Even if his roots are out of room, they need room in flower, so he needs to transplant.
  7. i have veggd for 3 weeks plants are 2 foot tall they are in 2 1/2 gallon pots strain is sweet cheese how tall should i expect them to get i have about enough room for them to double in hieght but anymore than that will be a problem. will there be a chance of plants becoming root bound and should i transplant to bigger pots before they do? sorry for using your thread mate
  8. I stopped veg at 18 inches...

    My plant is now 6 freaking feet tall, 5 weeks from the light change and 3 weeks into being female.

    Who knew.
  9. Not necessarily. If you run out of root volume it doesn't automatically mean that the plant will stop growing to accommodate. More likely it will try to keep growing (that's what it was born to do) and will force the roots to grow more and more rootbound in that small container, meanwhile the plant above the soil will begin to suffer all over as the plant tries to spread its too-little resources throughout the plant. So you more likely will get a taller sick plant than a shorter healthy one.

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