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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Dreeker, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. Here goes pic:

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  2. im going to go dig and try to make underground growing/smoking/and drinking room

    Its going to be 8' x 8'; and 6 feet high, im going to use wooden planks that are 8 feet long and 2 feet wide, and going to have 4 of those for each wall so 16 in total, with another 2 for eachw all as mounted horizontally
  3. top view

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  4. view of one of walls

    Now heres what im wondering, do u think ittl hold the rain and the 1 feet or 2 feet of dirt above it?

    i wouldnt want it falling and collapsing on my beautiful plants, and other shit that ill have there

    Thank you, i think im gonna go try this this weekend, get my dad to buy tons of these planks and shit,

    Crazy me and my ideas

    view of one of walls

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  5. looks good, i was planning on making the exact same size room, exc aking the whoole room a grow room;)
  6. yea, i just asked my dad if i could make a fort, so i think first ill make the fort exactly like this, then ill wake up @ 9:30 after my parents left, dig dig dig till 3 o clock, push the fort in the hole, and then cover with dirt

    but, i dont think this will be done till early january, and then i wont be able to dig, so i think ill start outside grow too, since around april is when i think the fort will be ready to grow underground

  7. ur gonna move over400 cube ft of soil in 5 and a half hrs. wot u gonna do with the left over soil, u gotta get lecky down there if ur gonna grow down there, i think a skylite wud spoil the effect.

    it wud b easy to reinforce it with concrete, wud still need to keep ppl and other heavy things off the roof tho. find out where the water table is where u live,

    me and a m8 was thinking of doing something like this. we have the hole, the floors and walls r there and made of brick and tiled, we even have drainage, all we need is a roof, can any1 guess wot we r thinking of using??? he brought a hse with a swiming pool, he cant swim.
  8. yea, i think ill just make the fort, and underneath it make a small space for the grow box which is 3x4x5, then ill put it underneath it
  9. yeah, less digging that way:)
  10. sounds like a good plan to me, make sure u can vent it ok.
  11. and have like a hoist or something to pull the box out from the hole, for easier pruning and maintinence. like have a plate that lifts off to reveal a secret compartment. use a rope and pulley sytem to pull the whole box out from a floor chamber.

    pic will explain better.

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  12. yes, but a pully would be kinda suspicious, plus i dont want it to block shit
  13. dont want it to block what? and you make the puley so it hooks onto an inconsipicuous hook on the ceiling
  14. yeah, then put a rug or a table or something over the "door on the floor"
  15. No dont waste your time with a pulley system. How would you move a grow up and down without tiping anything over? And what happens if your parents/landlord/neighbor comes by? Ive thought of doing grows like this below my shed. What i thought up was a box 5' deep 2' wide and 5' long. Throw the dirt out over time. Build the box with a chair or stool to sit on then a grow area 5'high 2' deep and 2' wide and have a 150W hps over it. Under the stool have a small mom and rooting chamber with some 2' floro tubes in it.

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