Final Flush - whats ur method?

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  1. would like to get some feedback on what everyone is doing (or not doing) for there final flush.
    the way im going to try for this grow is during the last 5 days im going to go 3 days w/water only then
    2 days of no water, the plants will also sit in total darkness during those last 2 days and then get the axe.
  2. i've had good results for flushing two full weeks.

    One feeding with clearex at beginning of two week period, maybe two of these clearex feedings if you suspect alot of salt buildup and/or were feeding heavily.

    Then i flush/feed with only water and cannaboost up until 2 days before harvest. Try to get a good amount of run off each time...30-50 percent. You want to flush the medium of any remaining salts and nutrients .

    personally, i wouldnt think 5 days is enough man.
  3. i was goin last 4 days in the dark w/water only, never had any complaints from anyone on smell or taste. i didnt use any clearex this time, just heavy waterings.
  4. Using 2.4 gal. Superroots airpots & Botanicaire ReadyGro with perlite I get excellent drainage.
    Only competed 2 grows.
    First flush, minimum of 3X the water the first day & then regular watering everyday for ten days.
    Second flush Minimum 3X the water over ten days, approximate & then regular watering. Final three days in the dark, no water. Days 11, 12 & 13.
    Both final flushes had the intended consequences.
    Now working on my 3rd & 4th grows respectively.
    I'm finding that there's no set way, as many different ways of getting from point A to point B as there are growers.
    Find out what fits for you & go with that.
  5. I start 2 weeks before harvest. I use 2 gal smart pot with strigjt coco onlt, 1st flush is 4 gal of water then I let dry out then another 4 gals for a few waterings then I use just 2 for a few days then only one once it drys I cut all fan leaves and leave it 1 more day wake up the next morning cut her at the base n hang her
  6. I'm running Dwc so last two weeks nothing but straight ph'd ionized wtr.This last harvest i did the darkness thing...2 days..and then cut.Compared it to branch cut before 2 days of darkness. Definitely darkness stuff had more punch. I will do darkness thing from now on. it works i don't know why Rhapsodyrocks
  7. 10 days before harvest: Rinse media with clean water. Collect 1/2 gallon of runoff for every gallon of media.
    9 days before harvest: Rinse media with clean water. Collect 1/2 gallon of runoff for every gallon of media.
    8 days before harvest: Flush media with clean water. Collect 1 gallon of runoff for every gallon of media.
    6 days before harvest: Rinse media with clean water. Collect 1/2 gallon of runoff for every gallon of media.
    5 days before harvest: Flush media with clean water. Collect 1 gallon of runoff for every gallon of media.
    3 days before harvest: Flush media with clean water. Keep flushing until the runoff EC is about the same going in as it is coming out.

    This process helps to gently rinse out the Cation Bank from the coco over time. The process of rinse, rinse, flush uses the CEC of the coco to actually pull excess nutrition from the plant to establish an equilibrium with the charge of the media. The follow up rinse and flush removes the residuals pushed out from the first flush. Then the final flush completes the process and provides a very clean system. I allow for one day after a flush to let the system "dry out" a little and provide some time for the elements to redistribute themselves. I also give several days from my final flush to the harvest date without watering, not sure if it matters, but I prefer to not harvest a "juicy" plant.
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  8. I don't bother flushing. I've not found any difference.

  9. excellent, ive been waiting for you, did you do a side by side flush vs no flush to test results? and if you would please detail how you end your grow. do you go full nutes till last day or maybe 1/2 nutes for last week or what?
  10. doing a bat guano and molasses flush this time round. my buddy uses bat guano till the end and his stuff tastes great. so going to try
  11. My first few grows I didnt flush at all and my buds had this weird aftertaste that was all chemically and shit, kinda like the old brick weed. After my 4th or so grow I finally tried flushing and the difference was amazing! Smoother smoke better taste, and my throat was no longer sore all the time. So people who say flushing doesnt make a difference must have a stick up their ass...
  12. hey jarofdank they don't have a stick up their ass their taste is in their ass and they honestly can not taste the diiference between flush and non flush. i pity them.
  13. With 14 days left before harvest I use plain water with FoxFarm's Sledge Hammer. When 7-10 days left before harvest I do a rain water, Reverse Osmosis water flushing atleast 3 times the amount of dirt for pot size. I like a nice white clean ash when i burn my joints. I stay away from doing any Sugar Daddy or molasses, Earth Juice Catalyst close to harvest. Those additives should be used way before 2 weeks left before harvest. I use additives starting in week 3 up to week 7-7 1/2, most of the strains I run go 9-10 weeks
  14. there aren't sticks up organic growers asses, who don't need to flush because the plant and microbes are in control of nutrient exchange in the root zone. When the plant life cycle is complete nutrients are released back from leaves to the roots and the microbes consume them when roots decompose. cannabis is one of few environmentally friendly crops, because of this specific behavior on the plant's part. Its life cycle actually adds to the earth and for this reason planting hemp on the same field over and over has no decrease in productivity. Using chemical nutrients would preclude this statement, of course.
  15. hey hope2toke i'm a hydronaut and should have been more specific my comment were aimed at fellow hydronauts who use all kinds of additives and then the last step they either don't flush or bum rush the flush. If you're running at 1600ppm at the end of your cycle and you don't flush. YUCK! By the same token a two day flush is a bum rush i don't care what they sold you. I run low ppm never get over 1100 max run straight water last two weeks. This run i'm going to try Green House proceedure. flush week 2&6 and lets roots dry out for 3 days before adding nutes. They dry their roots out for 5 days! I don't have that kind of nerve yet.
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    I don't know about that flushing PPM mumbo jumbo because I don't use any meters, not at all. OMG are my plants going to die?~?!?? ha ha. Just kidding of course. did you know that over %80 of nitrate based fertilizer is derived from natural gas? so expect the cost of house and garden, B'cuzz, etc. etc. to go up. that is if the retail cost is based on materials used to produce it. at least they will still have valuable agricultural materials like caustic potash to work with, LOL!

    AFA the idea for a bat-guano flush. now that's a good one. The history of guano is one of monetary exploits, specifically prior to the rise of petro industrial agriculture, sold to farmers whose soils were depleted of mineral by exhaustive cash crops (corn, tobaco, cotton, etc) and there were lots of customers. wikipedia is a good start for informing yourself about whether at all, or how to use it.

    I think there would be a benefit to composting guano if you must use it. it is possibly radioactive because of high phosphates. composting any thing will make it more available to plants. otherwise you can add more and more guano, it's not going to make a difference or break down at least for a year.
  17. Hey JarOfDank,
    Interesting concept. Stick up the ass sounds like a cure for constipation. You know the definition of constipation don't you? Thinking only one way with no room for compromise and/or thought adjustment, which leads to thinking that only your way is the right way.
    You sound constipated.
    Would you like to borrow a stick?
    Cheers, :wave:
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  19. In coco the last 2 wks before chop, I start lowering my nute strength till it reaches my tap levels ~120-140ppm..That's it..But I try and feed them lightly most of the grow with some runoff most of the time..
    Works in my garden..YMMV..
  20. How do you guys know when the time is right to start flushing? In other words, how are you predicting your harvest date? Are you going by trich color,etc?

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