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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by stankopolis, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. Hey all,

    Just did my "final flush" for a plant that has 2 weeks left on it. So I decided to flush today and then water with nothing but straight ph'd water from now till chop.

    I have in 5 gal container with FFOF and perilte mixed. I just ran ~8 gals or so of PH'd water in through. For the last gallon I tested the run-off and the run-off was a 5.4 that was with a 6.8 water going in. WTF??? What's going on?

    I had been watering with 6.8-7.1 water while in flowering and its run-off was around those values. Why all of a sudden the drastic drop in the run-off PH.

    I hope I didn't fuck my plant.
  2. the salts in the run off generaly will drop the pH also biology in the soil will cause pH flux up and down, if they look healthy then i wouldnt worry. soil is tougher to flush then hydroponics.
    when flushing, use 2 times the amout of water , then soil. 5 gals of soil, 10 gals or water to flush, every time the soil drys out do another flush. and its best to flush right when the lights turn on.
    good luck with ur harvest
  3. Sounds like you are doing everything just fine so I wouldn't worry about it. Most likely you are simply doing a good job of flushing the chemicals out of your soil.:rolleyes:

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