Final Fantasy VIII

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  1. I've had this game forever, but it's been soooooo long since I played it. It doesn't work on my ps2 anymore :( Thank god for computers and emulators. Playing on my comp now. So much nostalgia I can't even handle it. Any other FF8 fans out there?? :hello:

    Ahahaha PS1 graphics! Yeeeesssss
  2. Man I played this game so much back when it came out, I liked it more than FF7 for the most part.

    Seeing this thread makes we want to go play again. I think you can still get it for like $20 new. I did once and then sold it, now I regret it :(

    Off to amazon to look for a cheap one.... :smoke:
  3. I played FFVII, Loved the shit out of it. Played Final Fantasy IX, Loved the shit out of it (basically as much as VII) and I was underwhelmed when I played VIII. The school got to be a repetitive place to be in and I never ended up beating it because my PS3 broke and I couldn't get any saves or anything off it.

    So now I have a save I downloaded off the internet and maybe one day I'll go back and play it but it sucks because the save isn't that close to where I was... but quite a bit from the beginning. Shitty.

  4. Same! It was actually the first RPG I ever played, so I have especially fond memories associated with it. Any luck finding one?? eBay might have some decent ones too! :p

    I've never played IX, but I want to. Everyone that's played it either loved it or thought it was dumb, and I've played vii, viii, x, x2, and xii, so it feels essential to play it haha. You should definitely play it! The save may not be where you were, but that'll just give you more time to mold your characters to fit your preferences better :)
  5. It's rare to find people who love VIII. As it was so much different from VII and everyone got hung up about it. I on the other hand loved it. I liked VII, but VIII took the gold. The story was incredible, the characters were unforgettable, and the game play was extremely fun.

    Three reasons why everyone should love it:
    1. Guardian Forces
    2. Card Game
    3. Piloting schools
  6. Love the game didnt get a lot of hype because it had a lot to live up to since VII was right before it lol. I remember I was like 12 going with bro at 6am to walmart to grab this.

    Tactics is the best.
  7. To me, VIII was too much of a faggy love story, just like X.
    Granted it's been that way in every Final Fantasy, but in those two it seemed to be the major part of the story.
    VIII is my least favourite of the Final Fantasy games (not played X-2 or XIII), though I still think it was cool. It's also the one I haven't played in the longest time, I might fire it up. FFVIII race anyone?:smoke:
  8. Sweet sweet nostalgia
    [ame=]YouTube - Final Fantasy VIII Music - Balamb Garden[/ame]
  9. I started on this game. I liked everything about it except the leveling.
    Zell's an annoying character, but still a badass. I used him every time.
    Been through the game a couple times.

    Favorites in order:
    1. X
    2. IX
    3. VIII
    4. VII

    Wasn't huge on XII, and was very disappointed in XIII.
  10. Favorites in order:
    1. FF VIII
    2. FF X
    3. FF Tactics
    4. FF VI (which is III here)
    5. FF IV (which II here)

    The rest fall into place in whatever order. I'm not really concerned with their placement.
  11. FF9 by far
  12. My girlfriend is in love with Squall(sp?)
  13. FF8 was awesome. I remember seeing the opening cutscene(when squall gets his scar) and saying I must get this game. But I have to say the junction system made ff8 a cake walk.
    Also FFIX,Tactics,and VI=best ones in the series.
  14. FF8 was great as far as adding some new features like the chance to make your summons hit harder with "X" button
    The cut scenes in ff8 with the different schools going at it was very cool

    I must have purchased ff7 and ff8 for the PS about 3 times each
    And I bought them on the ps3 with xenogears
    I know its about ff but square used to make hit after hit guaranteed
  15. GAHHH. After the merge with Enix, they've just gone to hell. I admittedly liked Tactics Advanced and Crystal Chronicles (cue flaming for that one), but every other FF release under the SquareEnix name, was a major blow to an otherwise great series. Even the two I admit to liking were considerably worse than anything Squaresoft was behind (except Mystic Quest....).
  16. Lol I have lost all track of where this thread has gone :smoke:
  17. lol it's a bit off topic, but on the topic of Final Fantasy still.

    Anybody beat the Omega Weapon in VIII?
    I've beaten the game, but I always fly through the last disk because it sucks being in that castle. It's the point of no return.
  18. Did no one play Final Fantasy VI (6) on PS1??

  19. Nope. I played it when it was labeled as III for the Super Nintendo and then again when they released it for the Gameboy Advanced.
  20. I haven't played it at all. FFVII-X will always be my favorite games ever, but to be honest it's really just the graphics that keep me from VI and down.

    I'll probably play them eventually, but they don't look appealing to me right now. I'm sure they're great games, though.

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