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  1. So, i've played and beaten the following

    i can't get a hold of 8, but i'm strictly playstation kind of guy, so what other games, oh and i'm trying to master X with all the legendary weapons and stuff so any advice would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks Guys! :D:smoking:
  2. Final Fantasy IX= So, so epic
    Only vaguely remember VII but I know it was good.
    VIII was OK, kinda weird but you get into (like them all i guess)
    Good games, back in the day :rolleyes:
  3. I downloaded 3 and 6 on an emulator and liked them enough.

    I like FFX alot, didnt like the sequal as much but it was still fun
  4. I've played...
    I - Didn't really get into it
    VI - Fun game
    VII - easily the best in the series, IMO
    VIII - great game, a little on the easy side
    IX - Beat it, but didn't enjoy it as much as the previous 3.
    X - second best in the series
    X-2 - didn't have high expectations for this to begin with
    XII - thought it sucked..

    I have all the older ones on PS1 collections, but it's pointles cause I don't have a playstation anymore.
  5. FF1 - I've played through 80% of it but got bored and never beaten it fully. It's alright, but if you look into the mechanics of the game there are so many bugs it isn't even funny. A bunch of the spells and stat categories are completely broken. It's worth a try I guess, but there's a lot of slow parts that require you to level grind so don't be surprised if you get bored either.

    FF4 - Meh. Some people like this game a lot but it really doesn't hold my interest very well. Everything about it just seems bland. It's still worth a try I guess.

    FF5 - The storyline in this game is terrible but the actual gameplay is probably my favorite in the series. The job system is awesome, if you've played FF Tactics you probably have an idea of how it works. This one is definitely worth playing, but you'll either need to emulate it or buy an anthology.

    FF6 - This is my favorite game in the series but I'm pretty biased because it was the first one I played. It has some annoying bugs, and it's not very difficult, but overall I think the series peaked here.

    FF7 - I can see why people like this game so much - if you played it when it came out, it must have seemed epic - but I don't really agree with all the worship it gets. Hugely overrated but still probably my second-favorite FF game. The materia system kind of bothered me too, I don't like being able to convert any character into a super awesome mage so easily.

    FFX - It was while I was playing this game that I realized I don't like modern video games. They are much, MUCH too easy and full of long cutscenes. I got to the point where you get the airship and then just got bored and stopped.
  6. FF8 = best Final Fantasy game period.

    FF10 = 2nd best.

    FF7 = Can't beat it, graphics too shitty, story not all that great.

    FF9 = In process of playing and it's alright, old school.

    FF game before FF 7 = Old school charm, nothing else really worthwhile about them.
  7. FF9 is the best final fantasy game ever! Better then 7. period.

    FF7 is way over-rated.
  8. I played all of the main series minus 3, X-2, 11, and 12. Only beat 1 though.... (Got close on 7 too)

    I remember playing FF9 years ago, I ran into a dragon in a random encounter on the field and got utterly destroyed in the first round, I never played the game again. :p

    (No clue why I am sharing this story... :smoke:)
  9. FF8 was my favorite by far.

    It was actually my first video game ever besides the mario bros.
  10. 9 is my favorite so far.

    7 and 10 are both really good as well.

    8 was decent but I hated that I had to use Summons in every single battle. This got very old quickly.

    X-2 was the biggest piece of garbage.
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    i miss my FFX :( i let one of my friends borrow my memory card and then he lost it, i had well over 200 hours of saved data for that game. loved final fantasy 7 too, been playing that on and off lately, finally mastered my second KOTR:D

    anyone play final fantasy tactics? i think it came out between 7 and 8, its a lot different kinda game play but i loved it.

    EDIT: i played FF7 when it came out, and it indeed was epic. i can see why some people dont like it though. personally, i think its one of the greatest games. sephiroth was such an epic bad guy.
  12. poor choice on that one man, FFX is amazing when, and if you can get into it... like me, i might just be weird but i can get way into them, like kingdom hearts, but i'm big on rpgs, so yeah, really give 10 a shot, i think maybe the only reason i get into them is because i can connect with the characters... but w/e:smoking:
  13. FFX was great for me because it had voices.

    FF8 and 9 should have had voice actors, it's not like other games weren't doing it at the time.

    I would totally buy remakes of FF8, 7, and 9 if there were voice actors/more content/better visuals.
  14. Man, i've played 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, X-2, Tactics, and Anthology. Personally, I feel that 2 and 9 were my favorite. 2 was very nostalgic, and I felt the story was great for such an early RPG. 9 had the best story and gameplay overall. 10 was great as well, but I think 9 took the cake.
  15. An issue in 9 for me is the mini card game.

    Not near as fun or useful as the one in FF8 was.
  16. FF1 - My crack addiction. I beat the HELL out of that game. I memorized enemy attacking patterns and all of that.

    FF2 - Pretty good. The leveling system is weird, but I found out how to use it to my advantage.

    FF3 - Played on the DS. I got to about level 35 and them BAM my save data was gone. Haven't picked it up since.

    FF4 - Played on the DS. I think they did an excellent job.

    FF5 - Never played it

    FF6 - An instant SNES classic. I loved it.

    FF7 - One of my favorite games all-time. The music and environments captivated me the first time I played it. I loved the depth of the characters.

    FF8 - Never Played it

    FF9 - Never played it

    FFX - Never played it

    FFXI - They fuuuuucked up!

    FFXII - Fun, but not quite Final Fantasy. It's more of a live tactics more than anything.

    And I LOOOVE the FF Tactics series. I spent too many hours on my game boy and DS playing through tactics.
  17. ^^ I love tactics! That's what I played more than anything else. I think I beat 7 and 8 a loooong time ago, but it was so long ago that I can't even remember. 10 was cool, I also think I had 6 on SNES but I don't think I ever beat it.. :( I guess I have to play again :D
  18. Oh, man. I completely forgot about the card game. That was cool as shit.
  19. i've played 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, tactics, and derge of cerubus(bad spelling). only ones i didnt beat are 2, 8, 11 and x-2(oh and crisis core). definitely my favorite game series. currently playing 7 for the 4th time favorite game of all time...... definitely EPIC!!!!! lol
  20. i was thinking advice for like, aeons and legendary weapons but this is just way too cool to watch ppl reminices:smoking:

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