Final fantasy 13-2

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  1. Is it as good as people say? Thinking of purchasing it
  2. [quote name='"bayness"']Is it as good as people say? Thinking of purchasing it[/quote]

    Ff13 was so bad I gave up on the series.
  3. [quote name='"trixman22"']

    Ff13 was so bad I gave up on the series.[/quote]

    Im playing it right now and its not even bad lol. Battle system is sort of shit but ehh
  4. FF13 is the Biggest POS ever, cant speak for 13-2. Most linear Final Fantasy yet, and thats saying a lot. Just remake 7 or 8 square enix, you're obviously incapable of making a good new FF.
  5. i have 13-2 and i can say its really not that great... you only have 2 main characters throughout the entire freaking game, and then you have a "catch" monsters and you can pick one monster to be in your team. The battle system still sucks just as bad as 13 did, being that it is pretty much identical. If you really dont mind only having 2 main characters in the game it could be ok, i only played about halfway through the game and began to feel like it was a chore, but i will have to play it all the way through eventually beat it because i have beat every other 1 with 100%
    I agree that square needs to remake 7 8 and 9, with better graphics and different plot twists. Those games were epic. i enjoyed 10 and 12 as well, 10-2 sucked just as bad as 13 and 13-2 did.

    I liked 7 and 9's layout the best, where you aquired characters as you went along, and formed a team. 13 and 13-2 completely lost me with the over the top EMO love story crap (yea, i could stand ff8 emo love crap, but listening to snow in this game made me want to smash my tv)

    Rant over TL;DR i wouldnt get ff13-2 unless you are a diehard fan that has to play every 1 like me.
  6. Playing 13-2 as we speak and it's way better than 13 and I've only played an hour. Let's see how this shit ends
  7. I know, I know, its already been said. FF 13... I just couldn't do it. I made it like maybe 3-4 hours before it became FULLY apparent what a piece of trash that disc is. I'm sure FF 13-2 is following the same pattern of mediocrity.
  8. I want a 3d final fantasy VI or V..

    but not like those shitty PSP remakes. A whole-hearted remaster.

    ffvi was the darkest of the games, IMO. Especially the scene where Kefka poisons Doma Castle.

    But since FF is no longer going to be the same, I'll never see it again.

    I loved V's job system. It was the best in the entire series!
  9. Dont let these people tell you that stuff. Me and a buddy arent even huge RPG fans but rented 13 one night, couldnt put it down and same thing with 13-2. Very good storylines and the battle system is a little awful, ill give you that. 13-2's battle system is cooler since you get a monster as your 3rd party member.
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    Final fantasy 13 is stupid..

    I'd rather play Superman 64 than ff13 ..

    Do yourself a favor and play ff9. Way better. Great storyline, awesome characters, badass enemies and spells. Garland makes a return.

    The only thing I hated about 9 was kuja. Ick.

    But at the same time you're supposed to hate him so its all good.

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