Final destination tripped out

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    Ok so I just watched final destination 2 after 4 bowl packs of some good hash. Heres the crazy part I went to the bathroom and the light started flickering like crazy which its never done, 10 minutes later im pulling out my laptops electrical plugout o f the socket a water bottle on the table above gets knocked over by its selfspilling water onto the socket,plug,and my hand and in my suprise my hand almost slipped and touched the metal part of the plug. I was so high i was like 0.0 im next. Just thought id share that :p (gotta know the movies to know why i tripped out for a sec)
    :laughing: The brain really knows how to turn on you hahaha
  3. Ya and it was so random and i was so high i actually beleived it for a second. The lights were making the same noise when they where flickering to i was like wtf.
  4. I've been there hahaha
  5. Ya i was doing shit so careful after to i was super high and still high right now but not like before
  6. man that shit got me paranoid even when i was sober
  7. Hahaha. Me and my boy watched the second one when it first came out, so we were pretty young. Went outside afterward and the neighborhood was eerily quiet and deserted, my parents were gone had no idea where they went... it just tripped us out and we had the same "I'm next!" thought lol.

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