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  1. Vedged on cfl 125w blue spectrum
    Flowered on cfl 125w red spectrum for 6 weeks and then hps 600w for 4 days.
    Fed her water from day one. Full wet weight: 37g
    Finish dry weight: TBA

    Although many people have dissed me and the way I have grown this plant I feel this was an experiment for me and that the plant ha's done really well under 125w cfl lamps. Her buds are tight fat and dence. Not wispy and airy like some said cfls produce. Would use cfls again but defiantly higher wattage as possible. Maybe just use for veg stage.
    This bud has turned out better than I thought..
    Thoughts comments and advice more than welcome.

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  2. Why'd you harvest early?
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  4. Sorry just read the post says 6 weeks and 4 days

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  5. I didn't even read that part. Looked at the trichomes.
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  6. So those "caps" of the trichromes will get fatter or something?im not trying to troll just trying to learn . Cuz I see amber in there too
  7. They start clear, then turn a milky/cloudy color when it's getting to be near time to harvest. When its time to harvest they will all be cloudy with some amber.
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  8. There is some Amber, but mostly on the sugar leaves. In the bud, still some clear but mostly cloudy. But, harvest times for bud is like a steak. I like mine rare. Someone else prefers well done. Neither is cooked better than the other, just the personal preference of the one consuming the product.
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  9. Yup.. tho it does vary, 1/5 of wet weight is usually a very accurate estimate.
  10. 7g of the grade lemon haze though. Can't complain for a bag seed under cFl conditions
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  11. I needed the space tbh
    For this
    I probably should've waited a little longer you're right

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