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  1. This friday I am going to town and getting the rest of all my needed materials before I start my grow.:hello: My last few trys have either been outdoor or havent worked too well, so this time I've decided to try to make sure I have it right for the most part.

    At the moment I havent quite decided how many plants I'm going to put in or how I'm going to grow them. Im pretty sure I want to do 3 plants and just go with how ever many females I get and I'm probly going to LST one, top one and let one go normal (But thats only if I get 3 females). I'm not quite sure if that is the way to go or not, but I'll let your imput help decide.

    The Rough Set Up:

    The Room (Shower):
    The green is the shower door, the thick black line is the top of where the door goes when its shut, the tan is the opening and ya....I think u get the point. The top image on the left is exactly how the shower floor /ceiling is shaped.


    The Lights:
    5x 24watt CFL for the sides of the plants
    3x 45watt CFL for the top
    I will get more lights if all 3 end up being female. I know that most people dont recomend CFL for flowering but I will not get around to ordering HPS, so unless they are sold at the different stores Im going to go around too, than Im gona be going full CFL.

    Soil and Nutes:
    My personal compost for seedling untill transplant
    Fox farm for rest of its life
    TigerBloom nutes for flowering

    Fan pointing in, above shower door. Fan pointing out with tube going from it too the bathroom fan, which goes outside into middle of butt fuck nowhere forest. And a fan down by the plants for strong stems.

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