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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by woodman220, Apr 3, 2003.

  1. I'm new to the indoor stuff. I was wondering what's a good amount of bud for each plant. And also for outdoor stuff. The plants are all between 3.5 and 4 foot high and 2.5 feet around. And are grown under 400 and 1000 watt lights.

    So I can get about 6 lbs off this plant right? ~ so people aren't confused


  2. EDIT: dont ya just love it when some1 in front of ya edits there post so that yours dont make sence anymore
  3. 6 lbs?
    is that including the dirt???????
  4. What type is that!!!!??? I once got 2 1/2 lbs of one plant completely dried but that was a Babushka Plant ( my name for a natural splitting plant ) it had around 50-60 splits and crowns everywhere... Without even touching it... was InSaNe..... Grew CrAzY fast too... I was stupid thoug hand never pollenated any of it so I got no SEEDs!!! Oh well was tasty tasty.... was a 1 hit wonder!!! For anyone.....

    Was grown in a manure pile ! Literally we get manure and suchto mix with soil peat moss leaves for our Gardens / Raised beds from the local farms ( not fresh stuff couple year old shit )... We mix all the soil leaves decaying matter and what not and then pile it we covered that pile with a black tarp and cut holes to the pile and planted... Worked liek a charm! The black tarp collected enough heat to just, well maintain it througout the night and it was above the ground level by about 2-3 feet.... If any of that actually matters...

    For yield ... outside generally get's more buds and quantity from my experience... But if you have a complete sytem inside Im sure you can do just as well.... But as far as Im concerned it's a weed it grows outside naturally... I just encourage it by helping out a little...
  5. 6lb off 1 plant was 1 i seen in high times a few years ago, cant remember the strain, it was pure sativa tho, think it was something like haze or packi. it was started indoors in the dec if i remember, then moved outside and into the ground in the spring, left all year and by the next november it was 22' tall, 11' across and yealded 6lb of bud when it was dry.
  6. for a 22' tall plant, 6lbs of bud doesnt seem like that much.
  7. i find it highly hard to believe that u can get 6 lbs off of one plant...sorry but just dont see it. maybe if u counted the stems leaves roots etc...u could come close

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