Fimming vs. Topping!

Discussion in 'Plant Training' started by joemamma98, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. I have done some good oudoor grows for the past five seasons. I have had good results but I am looking to up my techniques.

    Last year I had three plants damaged by wind early in their early veg state. The result was, involuntary topping of these plants. Well mother nature helped me out. These three all had two colas and more bud than their sisters.

    So I am looking at doing more of this technique as well try my hand at LST.

    Here is a question. Whats the best way to go, Fimming or topping?

    I have done some reading and the ideas is that they are virtually the same. But there is a difference in where you cut. Is there more to it than just where you cut, that makes themy different?

    I am thinking that Topping creates two Shoots and Fimming creates four. Correct or incorrect?

    If you top a plant you get two colas?

    Does fimming make Colas?

    Are they only colas when you top and/or fim the very top growth?

    Do these two techniques creat colas when other growth sites on the plants are topped or fimmed?

    How much is too much of topping and fimming?

    I know it is a lot of questions. But with all the researching I have done, these are the questions I am left with. I figure to ask people who have good experience with this tecnique.

    Thanks in advance for any adivce or suggestions.
  2. Topping does create 2 shoots. Fimming I thought could result in up to 8 in some cases?

    Either way the most tops ive ever gotta is 4.

    I would say try to FIM everytime, at first you prolly wont hit the right spot and it will just TOP. but either way your getting more tops which is more main colas which is YAY!!!!!

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