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  1. I am a newbie to growing. Plan to do some outgrow this summer. I was wondering how much more in yield one can reasonably expect if you do some fimming? I read one guy saying 50% more, another said twice as much (100%) I just want to know whats true. Also any advice on how it is properly done is highly appreciated.

    Many thanks
  2. i just do it once, on the main growth...that gives you two heads. then just tie that sumbitch down....boom, ounces.

  3. OldPork recommends to fim (= get 4 new shoots) /top (= 2 new shoots) very often for the White Widow to dramatically increase the yield. Do on all the branches. Just pause any fimming and topping before flowering. Continue after. See how the plant reacts too. Some, like GanjaGuru, fim on the second set of leaves (baby mj), without counting the round leaves. Makes a bushy, heavier plant. I wait until row 4-5, top/fim the main stem, let the side branches grow some, and then top/fim them etc...
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    I begin fimming when they are at least 2 feet tall. I fim pretty often during veg, at least four times, but as soon as the new growth starts "alternating", which means the new fan leaves are not directly opposite and symmetrical, then I stop for good and let them finish. Alternating growth immediately precedes flowering. After fimming a branch, two new ones form, and then I allow for at least one set of fan leaves on these new branches before I fim it again. I estimate this doubles my yield.
  5. ok thanks OP. So fim until they alternate and then stop and let finish. :wave:
  6. These few sentences are very helpful!

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