Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by emax420, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. What stage is it the right time do do the "fim"? We are about 3 weeks into flowering and were wonderin if it is too late to do it?
  2. far too late, you would do it at approx 2-4 weeks old.......during veg.........Peace out.........Sid

  3. Is that from seed or clone? I remember when my plants were 2-4 weeks into veg; they were still pretty small. That'd be a bit difficult to FIM on such a small growing tip..


  4. id say 2 weeks from clone, 4 from seed as a rough guide.

    after 4 weeks of veg the growing tip shud be more than big enough.
  5. uuuuh FIM?????

  6. pardon?
  7. "F*ck i missed".........thats what it stands for, and was named that by the first person who developed it, they were drunk/stoned or something, and meant to top it, but cut right through all the new growth and ended up with more shoots, it has been known to give as many as 11 new shoots..........Peace out........Sid

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