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  1. Is the FIM technique fool proof or is it easy to cut wrong when you top it? I just want to make sure I dont inhibit my plants growth...any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hey, dont feel bad...I cant get this topping fimming suppercropping...ahhh...thing down either... too much ;-) but I tried it just to see what happens, allI did is took the new growth at the top of the plant (the small leafs that are just popping out, mine werent unfolded yet) and sliced it 3/4 down from the top so there was still leaf matter, unlike topping where (?) you remove the whole top of the plant at a node, i hear that this will cause the plant to focus growth out instead of up, but out from where? i dont know, I thought that the plant will produce two branches from the actual cut you made, but guess i was wrong? oh well, hope this helps....Mine produced three new tops by the way.
  3. ls fimming pinching the tops to make the lower branches grow better ??? cause l know about that.:D.
  4. if u look close at a growing tip u can c it has a good few sets of leaves in ther that if left wud all strech out and become new nodes.

    fimming is cutting a chunk outta that growing mass and leaving some but not all of every new node behind (best done by cutting into the tip with a sharp blade and removing a V shape of leafs. these damaged nodes shud then all heal and grow at the same rate, this cud give u anythin from 1 to 10 new shoots, or even more.
  5. I think this was the original idea of fim. Where you cut the top the cells build in a way that makes multiple tips. I fimmed 3 times and my first time it was just a shitty top. the outer growth shot up and about a week later 2 small main tops shot out of the small amount of plant top that was left. Take a look.

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  6. Been FIMing for awhile and like everyone says it has to be spot on. Me I leave 10% of the new shoots and take 90% and the most I ever got was 5 new shoots.

  7. I know it had 3 tops but would have had 4 if i didnt burn the other one on my CFL. look in the backround there is one big main shoot and there are 2 more where the arrows point.
  8. i always thought that FIM was traing the plant on is side to get all those new growth shoots to grow out as main stems.:confused:
  9. nope that's just another form of training.......fim satnds for "fuck i missed".......when someone went to top the plant, and then cut right through all the new growth at the top, and then realised that it grew lots of new shoots.........Peace out..........Sid

  10. yep already done :D and im a few weeks from harvest now dam sativas taking a while to turn milky on me already week 7 and thre crystal clear.

    sid is that really what it means? LOL... well then that was a Fuck i missed because that was only supposed to be a top and i dint even know what fim was.
  11. seriously me any my friends ware ready to run into the woods and me cut a cola off and microwave dry it. Then i smarted up and traded a 1/4 oz yester day for a 1/2 oz in about 2 months from me once i get my harvest, the dealer is a longtime friend and grew up with me and we decided yesterday that were going into buisness growing/selling he said he can move my whole crop , minus a 2-3 oz for me, in 3 days!

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