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  1. I always like watching the plants after topping them. Competing for dominance. Hormones confused, wtf just happened? Here are some cookie crosses topped six days ago.
    DSC06918.JPG DSC06919.JPG DSC06920.JPG DSC06921.JPG DSC06922.JPG DSC06923.JPG
    I find them especially interesting when I'm high.

    I'll put up some views from the sides next.
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  2. About 2 weeks later they are sending out more side branches




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  3. I got several of those. They are crab looking with a creepy backbone rib cage design on the back.
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  4. yep some of the garden spiders are big ,ive got a few lurking in my back yard ,still they are goodies and eat the nasties but still wouldnt want to find one in my pants lol..mac..

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