fim and lst on the same plant

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  1. i kind of wanted to preform a little experiment when my ladys get large enought i wanted to fim them but my buddie wont get off my back about lst so ive decided (i have about 8 plants) to semi-sacriafice one in the name of science, my plan goes as follows: when it becomes large enough i want to fim it then start some lst then continue fiming any one have objections? ill provide pics if i do decide to go threw with it
  2. ya this may sound dumb.... but what is fim? FIM? TIM? what are you doing exactly? will u explain?
  3. This is my very first grow... but, i just started flowering two plants, both of which i fimmed at about three or four weeks. Then about 12'' in height, both were lst'd, every new node getting tied down.... and both are very healthy, no problems whatsoever, and one has 21 nodes going into flowering, the other has about 16 or so.... Im pretty happy with the results of fimming and lst'ing, using compact flourescents...
  4. Go for both man, thats what i did, fuck, i fimmed like 10 times. This is my first grow though, so ill proably find out i went a little overboard with the FIM, but i dont think you can LST enough, doing both wont be a problem. Many growers do it.
  5. Just remember that lst does cause stress to your plant...the plant does rebound well though in most cases, tie down your plant and watch your grow up with a much bushier apperance..actually sorry, i dont like the word tie down...its better to use a coathanger and just kind of stick one end in the ground and the other like a horseshoe curve holding down the plant.
  6. I fimmed 2 plants and wacked off a bunch of the Fan leaves and They still have been growing about an inch a day, and the one plant I fimmed it is starting to put out other shoots. This is my first time do this and plants seem to be growing strong with no ill affects. Most of my plants sprouted march 6 and Im doing LST on 2. I have 1 plant about 2 months old and I have been doing the 12/12 deal since March 19 and I still cant tell if it's male or female. I will get pics later.

    Thanks Dale

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