Fim? And Is It Time? Help Pics

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  1. I want to fim my plant. Thought about topping vs fim and ide like to try fim. Ive read tons about both so i know what to do for either or. But my question is should i fim or top this plant and is it time? Ive read i should do it about 3-5 nodes which if im not mistaken my fourth set should be coming through tomorrow morning. Any pointers, tricks or tips, etc? Thanks for your time

    Peace, love, and chicken grease :p

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  2. Too soon to top my friend. I agree about the nodes, wait until you get at least 4-5 nodes and do your topping. In my opinion good topping and pruning is the better way for the girl. Again just my own opinion. 
    I'm a commercial grower in CO so I try to help the folks just starting out. 
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  3. FIM ...= fuck I missed, topping the same, the process in which you the grower removes growing laterals in the hope that 2 laterals will replace, those picked.....I'd wait until you have 5 clear laterals, before chopping , but then again 22nd this month is 1/2 way thru the grow season,....your choice
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  4. The plant is in a controlled environment. So it should be fine. And are you saying i should wait till i have 5 full leaves to fim or top it? Thanks again :lol:
  5. Yes... wait till you have 5 lats
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