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Filters, or...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by babyjaws, May 12, 2010.

  1. Ok, so I've always rolled my joints using a Raw brand plastic rolling machine and Juicy brand flavoured papers.

    My confusion comes with filters.

    I've always used a rolled up bit of cardboard simply to prevent bits of weed from flying to the back of my throat at breakneck speed, sticking and making me gag mid-toke. Ew.

    However, someone in a local headshop recommended using actual filters. I purchased Zen brand superslim filter tips and smoked a few joints with them. The first two I smoked weren't bad (I was still pretty new to pot and a very light toker so I'm not in a good position to say whether the filter interfered with the high) but the third one the filter got all full of dark brown/black resin and tasted like bitter shit.

    I've not re-attempted the filter experience because since then I've become a bit of a pot snob and refuse to waste a half a gram of really good weed to test a filter I'm doing fine without.

    My question is if anyone else uses an actual fibrous or foam type filter, or knows the actual repercussions of doing so.

    My second question is for those of you who use cardboard roll filters. Does anyone else see the beauty of using king size papers with a king size (1") cardboard filter - this maintains a large amount of pot without having to use roach clips, save roaches or simply burn your fingers/lips as you attempt to get every last bit of green goodness.

    So lets hear it!
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    I've used those types of filter tips before as well, and honestly, I don't like them either. Go back to the headshop and look for Filter Tips. They're basically just thicker, precut pieces of paper that are meant for adding filters that you can custom adjust. I find these work better than cardboard that you find around the house, because they are not as thick, which allows more smoke to flow. If you can't find them, just rip a piece of a business card or something, as long as there's no ink on it.

    And yes, I always use longer filters as well, for the very reasons you stated. :)
  3. Thanks, kbr.

    I've always wondered why people bothered to make a filter for a joint if it's only 1/4" long. Burnt fingers, singed lips, roach clips... all a thing of the past if you just make your filter about an inch long. All my friends look at me like I'm nuts.

    I have to wonder what the fibrous filters remove from the smoke though.

    Off to taste a batch of Champagne I just send my husband out for. Never had it before, but I have high hopes!
  4. I just use a piece of a notecard. I have like 100. I should go ahead and pre-cut them for roaches.
  5. My thoughts exactly, I love longer filters. To me it just makes more sense, but whenever I smoke a joint with someone else they're always like "WTF, why's that filter so long?"

    Those fibrous filters are meant for cigarettes, and remove a lot of the THC and other cannabinoids present in the weed. They do filter a bit more of the tar out as well, but you lose more of the good stuff than the bad with this type of filter, so you'd have to smoke more to achieve the same high.

  6. Don't state that as fact. It is thought that it may be the case that using cigarette filters when smoking herb may effect the THC intake but there is no conclusive evidence of this. I've never and never will use them, but certain people on these forums have used them and said it hasn't effected the smoke.

    I too make my roach 3/4-1" long. The roach is used to cool down the smoke as it passes into your mouth, and the longer it is the cooler it will be, the cylindrical shape helping this.
  7. I just take the little cardstock strip from the inside of the lid to my cigarettes - marlboros are the perfect size haha

    cardstock seems to work the friend used to tear pieces off the actual rolling paper packaging
  8. That's fair, I suppose. There obviously haven't been studies done on this kind of thing, as far as I know, but just do a Google search on using cigarette filters with weed. You'll find plenty of people who have experienced lesser of a high due to using these types of filters. I've also tried, and believe it negatively affected my high. I've seen this all over the internet on various sites and have yet to see anyone try to argue that they don't filter out any of the THC. But like I said, I'm not trying to be an asshole, just stating my experience.

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