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Filters for joints?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mr. Friendly, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. I've only ever smoked out of a bong, so if I were to roll a joint would I use a filter? :confused:
  2. not many do though every joint rolling tutorial shows how to put a filter in in case you want one. I smoke without one.
  3. you can make a filter if you'd like, i like doing them becuz my joints get reallyrezzy towards the ends. and with the filter, it saves your lips a little. lol

    Ither way. Filters DONT really matter imo.
  4. they don't call them filters they call them "tips" because they don't really filter
    and i use them religiously for a variety of reasons

    at first i used to just cut up an index card to make them
    but now i can buy them by books of 50 at my local head shop
    so far i know 2 brands that make them, Zen and Raw
  5. do the tips alter the taste in anyway? Ive smoked a few joints recently with an index card and they didnt taste too good. I first assumed its because of shitty weed but then i started looking elsewhere for answers...of course cause i was stoned and thinking to much.
  6. It could be the ink from the index card or what not, but the tips I use dont taste like anything, Smoking also makes tips. I recommend using tips, keeps the res of your lips and fingers, and weed out your mouth. But you don't NEED one, I'd just recommend it:D
  7. yea i used another card today and used the white part where there wasnt color ink. gotta write a paper then ill give it a shot. i took the tip out yesterday i made but couldnt tell a difference by that point.
  8. i use them in my joints, because im new to rolling joints, i've actually only rolled 2 and im smoking them both tmrw. but yeah, i do it because i dont want weed falling in my mouth, because my joints are a little loose since im new. give me a few months and ill get the hang of it... i hope.
  9. Remember, filters take away THC.

    Resin is very sticky, as we all know from smoking a joint and seeing it on the outside of it. If you roll with a tight filter, resin will catch onto it while your smoking. It tends to get worse the more filtration you put in. Cigarette filters are extremely dense and they can REALLY take out a lot of THC. However, a small piece of paper folded a few times is best.

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