Filters for glass bowls?

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  1. So, I have a glass pipe that I use, pretty much every time that I smoke, but one thing that annoys me is getting bits and pieces of the bud in my mouth when I inhale the hit, and this happens often. Is there any way that I can filter out the bits through the bowl or mouthpiece? I'd be a happy guy if there was a way. 

  2. You could try stick a roach in the end of the mouthpiece
  3. It's called a pipe screen. You can get them in glass (look like a jack) or metal screens (small circular piece of wire mesh). I prefer metal cause they don't fall out as easily, but others believe they affect the taste and prefer glass.
  4. I'm guessing I can buy these at just any regular tobacco shop or maybe walmart even?
  5. You probably won't be able to get them at walmart. Metal screens probably at any tobacco shop, in my area most gas stations and convenience stores have them as well.
  6. I knew a guy who packed the stem of his glass spoon with some type of fluffed up hemp fiber that he bought for that purpose and then he'd pick it out later when It stop putting airflow through
  7. When I was your age Homie I took a tobacco pipe and I smoke my weed out of a little glass chillum that fit snugly down the bowl of the tobacco pipe then I just screened the stem of the tobacco pipe to keep from breathing dank
  8. I hate using pipe screens. When I use dry pieces I use my popcorn buds.
    So ill find a small bud leave the stem on. put the stem side down in the hole and leave the flower up obviously. The fill the pipe with the rest of the (stemless) bud.
    That way I can draw and draw without getting bud in my mouth.
    You can also hear the flame "crack" when it hits the stem which means I've cashed the bowl. 
    Do what you gotta do.
  9. Lol my friends call that getting scooby snacks, although it only happens to us when the bowl is pretty much beat so no one worries about it... and it gives us a good laugh when you see someone suck it all in
  10. your local smoke shop should have just the thing ask them for glass screens. i use them in my bowls all the time best part you can reuse them so eco friendly they look like jacks or little flowers 
  11. button screen. Be careful..u will forget their in the bowl and can get thrown out w the ash! Happens to me all the time..😩

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  12. I prefer the ones that look like jacks, we call em daisies. 

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