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Filtering Vaporizer vapor

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hesopchoie, May 3, 2011.

  1. If i were to connect my vaporizer hose to a bong would it even work. I realize there is not a good reason for this other than reducing the temperature, but I was just curious. I assumed because it is water vapor it will just mix with the water instead of going through.
  2. Just do it Vaporbonging is in my opinion the ultimate way to consuming the herb. Cools of the vapor and adds moisture to the dry vapor.
  3. works perfectly, and lets you take hugeeee rips of vapour coz it cools it down a bit and moisturizes the dry vapour. if you want an even better experience get a glass on glass bong adapter to use instead of stuffing the hose into the downstem :smoke:

    check this out

    [ame=]YouTube - Da Buddha and SSFG Beaker Vapor Bong Hit[/ame]
  4. I tried it and used a rubberband as an O ring for my hose. It works great! :D
  5. vape+bong=:hippie::yay:
  6. vapor from weed doesnt = water at ALL. Vapor isnt water damnit, its vapor, steam is water vapor hahahahha. And since the solubility of most cannabinoids is so so so so so low, they are classified as non-soluble in water so nothing is filtered out (excluding that which is condensed onto the glass of the bong)

    Vapor-bonging is kick fucking ass!!!!
  7. my extreme q bag nozzle fits into an old acryllic tube i have perfectly air tight, i just fill up a bag and pop it on the bongs stem, works fucking amazing, I clear about half the bag in one rip.

    (extreme q fills up bags like a volcano, and in my opinion is just as good)

  8. My herbalaire fits ALMOST perfectly (the mouthpiece on the bags) into this broken downstem i have in my bong (been way too lazy to exchange for a new one lol) but since its broken, it doesnt fit in snugly and seal closed so i cant quite get it to work yet.....
    (herbalaire is exactly like the EQ only it doesnt have glass parts, or a digital display, if you ask me those are unnecessary features, but they do add to the aesthetic aspect of it hahaha)
  9. I have an extreme Q with the hose and bags, and a cheap little water pipe thing... I need to try this. :D

  10. My rule, if it has a whip, it has a way to be bonged.... that tubing can be fit into all sorts of things, and coincidentally, is close enough to the size of (most) downstems that it just fits right in there. Definitely recommend vapor bonging/ water piping hahaha

  11. i guess i forgot one of the steps, the eq came with some extra tubing, and the mouth piece is meant to fit in the tubing, so i cut like an inch piece of tubing and it jammed it into the downstem then connected the mouth piece to that, if you have that type of tubing set it that might work,

  12. the tubing on the HA has a pretty small diameter, i already attempted to use it with the broken stem but it doesnt even come close to a snug fit, its tiny. However, i do have some extra tubing from other shit i have done, that this tubing fits into, that then fits into my downstem, but that tubing is old and getting very hard to flex and shit so i may just go buy some more
  13. I'm getting an Extreme Q... anyone know if there's a way to hit a bag out of either my 14mm or 18mm bong?
  14. I have an Extreme Q I usually use the whip with my bong but you could do it with the bag too. The mouthpiece of the bag fits into the shorter whip that goes ontop of the EQ, just put the joint of this piece into your downstem. It's a 18mm though so your bong will have to have the same, or get a expander or downstem that scales upto 18mm.

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