Filtering using an aquarium filter?

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    I've seen a writeup on this before, no idea where or when but I'm going to start up a new little project soon and the way I see it I would like to just keep adding nutes this time. I switched out the water and all that stuff last time and it gave me much more of a hassle then just running it straight through. Problem is that I use the lucas formula and it leaves a little debris behind which I'd like to take care of with the use of an aquarium filter. I'm trying to decide which one would suite me best, so I come to THE City :)

    First, if you know where I can find this writeup about the filter, please help me out.
    If not, continue reading. there are chemical and mechanical filters, which would suite my needs best, meaning which will just filter the debris and not the nutrients? My setup is aeroponic/DWC. But the reservoir holds the water pump in a 5 gallon bucket, this will also hold the aquarium filter. Hers a picture of what will be done, I just need to know if it seems plausible and what type of filter would be best for this type of thing...thanks in advance city!!!
  2. Bro - people have been using aquarium filters, like, forever.... sold at most Walmart/Targets for cheap, they do not filter out nutrients - only debris.
  3. I use a whole aquariem pump, so yeah, just buy onea dem nd ur set.
  4. haha, sweet, I was unsure if it would filter everything. I overestimated the simplicity of it. I'll be picking one up soon. Thanks again! Oh, and just curious, how long does a cartridge typically last?
  5. I used the same one for about 12-18 months... mainly because the amount of 'debris' was minimal at best and, well, I would never remember to change the filter. Not trying to keep fish alive, so as long as water poured outta the end of the thing it was filtering out root/leaf debris. ;)

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