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    This weekend I plan on building a little box for autos. Inside demensions 41"Hx41"Lx18"D. 3/4" mdf will be used.

    I plan to use a passive air intake,with a filtered exhaust.If I have done my research right the intake/s need to equal double of the exhaust for best performance.

    So my question is if I make a frame around my intake/s with lets say some 1"x2" the size of a hepa type filter used in like a furnace would it effect the size I would need to make my intake/s ?

    Which leads me to this question which probably should have been asked first would it even be beneficial to filter the intake?
  2. Yes it is beneficial to filter the intake. And IMO you don't need to make the intake size any larger than what it would be without it.
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    Thnx for the reply and I'll trust you on the intake size as I have been lurking around your warehouse thread, and you seem to know what you are doing.:D

    Sucks still gonna be a few weeks after I build my box till I have the cash for
    my can2600 and fan.These 5 femmed white dwarf from buddha seeds and the free femmed seeds from dinafem(california hash and blue hash) are so tempting.....must wait till grow box is complete before I germ.:(
  4. You need a particle intake filter there as this will not impede the intake flow of air to much.

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