Filtered water causing total lockout??

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  1. I have been fighting what appears to be total nute lockout for about three weeks. The clones were initially healthy until transplanted into hydroponic room. The initial ppm's for nutes were 400, pH corrected from 7.2 to 5.6-5.8. Watering with Multipure under sink filtration unit. Within approximately 3 days the yellow/white was becoming apparent. Did all the usual stuff to correct, (reservoir changes, flushing, ect.) with no improvement. Pulled them out of hydro put them into soil and now I'm praying. Had some plants in soil which were doing great. Started to water these with the same Multipure water (still in soil) and in three-four days they began showing the same color changes and stress reactions as the original group. Multipure filters use compressed carbon blocks to filter the water. Has anyone had or heard of filtered water causing this problem before??

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  2. Whats the PPM of your tap VS this filter,and is it new?Have you used this Hydro system before with success?Did you try setting out tap for 24hrs and filling the res. to see if it helpped?(that would have told you if it was that filter).
  3. What kind of Hydro are you doing? DWC, NFT, something else?

  4. Hydro is basically NFT using a drip system. Has worked great in the past. ppm's of tap are under 100. I did not try setting the H2O out for 24 hrs, the filter is a multipure and removes chlorine so I saw no reason to set the water out for 24 hrs. Thanks for the thoughts guys. HH
  5. A water filter will NOT (or should I say SHOULD not) affect pH or cause fluctuations...otherwise, people like myself wouldnt swear by RO filters like we do.

    Chances are good you would see the same effects using regular water and filtered... most likely your water just has a strong buffer and regardless of the nutrient strength, keeps pulling the pH around.

    What's your water's status out of the tap for EC/pH? Bet it's whacked...

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