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Filter or no filter

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jeffjeff77, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. I just wanted to know how many of you guys use filters on your joints. Also, i wanted to know if you use the ones like cigarettes have or the heavy paper ones that look like a "W" ....and why or why not ....i like filters because it helps me not spill my joint
  2. I always use a roach. I can smoke all of the bud and I don't inhale plant or ash. Never use a cig filter, it filters out a lot of the goodies you're trying to get high off of.
  3. Well I'm the only one I know that uses a roach so I've smoked a lot more un filtered joints then ones with. I've never tried to use a cig filter
  4. I use a crutch because it helps with being able to smoke the whole joint. I've never used a cig filter because I've read that it takes away some of the good stuff in the weed
  5. The notecard method
  6. i smoked a cig joint once without taking the filter out, didnt get high. ive never used a filter intentionally, unless you count a little piece of the pack used as a roach.
  7. roach. i dont see the point of not using one.
  8. roach all day, why would you use a filter? Surely it will 'filter' out some of the good shit.
  9. So a roach is another term for a filter? (the non-cig kind. one we all know. rolled up piece of paper/cardboard)

    Posts like this throw me off. Is everyone interpreting a filter as a cig filter and calling them roaches? Local terms I guess.
  10. Filter=cigarette filter
    Roach=rolled up paper at end of joint.
  11. I always use roaches in my joints. Something to hold, get a better hit, and can smoke majority of the bud.
  12. always filter. everytime i smoke without a filter it ends up getting soaked and it gets harder to pull and filters help me roll easier
  13. Same here, it's really big in Canada to put a rolled up piece of cardboard in the end of your joints. In fact that's how I learned to roll. It makes it way easier to smoke, and you're not spitting out weed crumbs when you smoke it. The best part of a cigarette pack to use is the sides of the inside part. We call them "wings" around here. "Hey throw me a wing off your smoke pack, I need filter for a joint" :smoke:
  14. I do sometimes, I was using heavy paper so I could smoke more of it. Now I don't mostly because while teaching my girl to roll joints she gave up and got a rolling machine.
  15. I roll a filter up (aka a roach, crutch, tip whatever) if I am rolling a joint to smoke with friends just because its nicer to pass around and the roach doesnt get soaked. If I'm in a hurry or just rolling a small one to myself I don't bother. IMO Joints with filters smoke much differently than ones without. Not better or worse but I notice a definite difference in how the hits feel. Anyone else find that?
  16. alright thanks bros...ya i mean ive never even tried the cig ones but i didnt know if i was missin out on something

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