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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by 2old2rock'nroll, May 29, 2003.

  1. To filter or not to filter, is that a question?
    I found the attached filter on a German site, just translated the words, let me know if it helps any.

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  2. looks kinda complicated. its worth a shot though:). I would put all that stuff into a sealed wooden box for easy access.
  3. I think it's more of a basic design lent for modification. Yes... of course a service hatch of some kind would also be needed to change out the filter and carbon etc., and the big box idea would be a plus.
    Haven't built it, yet, personally as I haven't had the time lately. One thought that did cross my mind was that the car air filter may cause quite a bit of back pressure.
  4. get a porus one thats ment for older cars. it has a looser mesh to reduce backpressure on the engine;)
  5. sounds good 2 me, got a spare 1, lol. How about a KN filter, it makes things go faster ergo bud in a month?
    seriously, let me now how things go if you get it together.
  6. I've tried to build a filter with active carbon and it didn't work good. Went and spent $400CDN on a 4ft coco filter and it does a awsome job
  7. Can't understand that as I've seen and heard of plenty of folks that have built and used active carbon with good results. Some even reactivating the carbon a month or so down the way.
    I'm not saying that purpose built professional filters are inferior, of which some do use active carbon, but if your working on a tight budget you've gotta' make do.
    Still, as they say, whatever works best for you.

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