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    Since we have the ever popular "Songs with political meaning" thread, why not a films with political meaning thread? There are TONS of independent and popular films that have a "stick it to the man" message or an underlying theme of rising up against the power structure.
    One of my FAVORITES is Disney Pixar's "A Bug's Life".
    The ants, who are forced to harvest food for the grasshoppers each season, are kept in fear by the tyranny of the grasshoppers, namely their leader, "Hopper".
    They are kept in line and obey their superiors, harvesting as much food as they can for them, working extra hard each season. None of the ant's are willing to challenge the grasshoppers and simply wish to be left alone and not start any trouble, so they willingly do the labor.
    "Ants serve grasshoppers" - Hopper
    However, "Flick", a rebel of the ant colony who is very spunky and lifelike, has bigger and better ideas/aspirations for the colony, and dreams of a better life for his ant family. He is the only ant to CHALLENGE and stick up to the grasshoppers power structure, and the rest of the colony ATTACKS him and shuns him for doing so, to the point where they actually kick him out of the colony.
    By the end of the film, Flick sticks up to Hopper personally, and convinces the ants that they outnumber grasshoppers, and that the grasshoppers are cowards, that actually RELY on the ants to survive. The ants overthrow the grasshoppers and finally gain their freedom!
    "Ants don't serve grasshoppers. It's YOU who need US!"
    I think this film has TONS of parallels in comparison to the modern day political power structure. Those of us who challenge the system are thought of as crazy and usually hated. The power structure, like leeches, suck off our labor and capital, and use us as tax slaves. But in reality, if we ever knew the nature of the system, we would ride up and overpower them, and destroy their system of control.
    Anybody else care to share one of their favorite political films they have seen?

  2. Such inspiration. Ive dreamed of this future for decades.

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  3. ^^^^^
    Would be very hot and uncomfortable wearing that metal helmet thing that Humungus has. You might be better with a leather one Power. ;)
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    Highly recommended!

  7. Enemy of the state
  8. The Matrix.
  9. X-Men - The Last Stand
  10. Libertarias
    Land and Freedom
    Spartacus (1960)
  11. The Network is by far the best movie about awakening the people about the injustices that are afoot in our society.
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