Filmaka launch pitch contest 'DRG' $2,500!!

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  1. Filmaka launch new pitch contest!!!
    You just have to make a short pitch of 500 words max about reality/game show idea, how players/contestants enter and progress through the show and how a winner is selected & submit it to filmaka..
    Then draw up a pitch with visual aids and upload it to us by 24:00 hours, February 7, 2010. Up to five will be chosen to receive $2,500 (USD) each to film 15 minute pilot presentations!
    Check it out Filmaka - Global Digital Studio

    Submission is free@
  2. What's up with all theese 1-5 post spammers?
  3. I'm giving you +rep solely for having such a fucking awesome signature, morefreedom. :D
  4. And who is this anyways ??? sounds like a scam of some sort or at the very least illegitimate.

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