Fill In The Blank "I Just Smoked _________"

Discussion in 'General' started by Tokey.The.Bear, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. "I just smoked 2 bowls and a joint of good sativa and am stoned on my ass!"
  2. i just smoked 0.1-0.2 in my vape and am gonna go downstairs make a turkey/chicken breast sandwich with white bread toasted, with some nice mayo on it till it melts.

    white bread
    so good honestly

    also think thread was done b4 but its watevs
  3. I just smoked two bowls of Frosted Flakes
    It was great..

    edit sorry grrrreat
  4. I just smoked some pot?
  5. I JUST SMOKED ...

    nothing : /
  6. Nothing because I'm out and conveniently nobody that I buy from (five people) has anything.
  7. I just smoked a giant vial of James Van Der Beek's tears. If you don't get that joke, I won't be offended.
  8. I Just Smoked a Newport....
  9. i just smoked a cheap cig
  10. I have 5 hours to smoke a 1/2 O of MJ.

  11. ohh you're goinga do it?!
  12. I'm still kinda debating. If I end up doing it, I wish I had a camera to record these last moments for you all. :bongin:
  13. Well now you have to you said you were going to! :) Take a couple pics with anything.
  14. These last moments as in you are going somewhere??? where are you goin??
  15. Possibly doing some jail time, I will find out in 3 hours.
  16. SMOKE IT UP, do it just do it

    and thats too bad to hear, was whatever you were charged with have anything to do with MJ?
  17. Well, to make a long story short, I may be doing jail time for violating house arrest. Now what got me the house arrest was MJ related, lol! :smoke:
  18. That still sucks man, well good luck!
  19. aw man!

    and i just smoked my bong in my garage, reupped a half yesterday =].
  20. I just smoked 10 bowls and a dutch but there was something special about this dutchmaster. The master of the dutch received two leafs upon de-leafing the dutch.. Guess I have good karma, it burned for 42 minutes. :hello:


    Lol, yes, my shoes reflect light, and yes they're green. Before anyone asks.

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