File cabinet grow box help!! First grow!!

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  1. so i converted an old filing cabinet into a growbox. I painted the walls white. I put 4 light sockets on a piece of wood and adjust light height with 2 chains holding it to the top. There are only 2 cfls in it right now i took out the other too thinking it would reduce the heat a little.It seems to be around 80-90 degrees in the box with a 6 inch fan inside circulating. I need to put a true intake and exhaust fan in it but havent found the time. Should that be okay for a little while?

    My question is that i know i messed up by sprouting my seed in such a little container. How long should i wait to transplant to a bigger container?

    Check out the pics:
    inside the box


    inside shot again[​IMG]
  2. get those temps down.

    I made a file cabinet grow box once, I used a 6" inline booster fan (20 bucks) and put a hole in the top of the cabinet and mounted it there. Then I made 3 smaller holes (~2") at the lowest level possible on the back. This kept the temperatures within a couple degrees of room temp.

    The key to heat is getting it the hell out of there. It builds on its self, so you need to vent it out of the cabinet and away from the intake, out of the room if possible.

    Good luck!
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    but really, im interested in your set up and how it all turns out
  4. wow this has to be the fastest responses ive gotten in any forums. as far as the heat tomorrow i will try and put an exhaust fan.

    ehgonzo: haha like the book ehh? im trying to get my hand on some feminized clones and start going them and not bother on this bag seed plant. i will most def make a grow journal when i get the clones in.

    answers as far as transplanting the seedling
  5. You can thank a mild case of insomnia. lol.

    No clue on the transfer man, I do hydro.
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  7. I would definitely try and mount the CFLs at a 90 degree angle from where they are. If you can get them laying sideways you gain a good bit of vertical space... Also just from a design standpoint what if you have the CFL ballast above board (may need something thinner like sheet metal) the ballast creates the heat more than anything (base of CFL) then if you vent the top its already semi light proofed since you have the sheet metal / plywood blocking it.

    EDIT: Sheet metal idea is an alternative to the sideways mounting, probably less light efficient but would help with heat issues which is your main concern at the moment.
  8. mounting them sideways would give me no spac inside the box but does sound like it would work. im gonna install an exhaust later today. i just some ffof and some ph tester for when the time comes and i get the clones :)
  9. Exhaust fan is needed - Make sure you have intake holes at least where air will be pulled in from. It will be most successful if the rest of the box is as sealed as possible.

    A great way would be putting little stubby legs on this thing to get it off the ground an inch. and having an intake hole in the bottom. Though if Your filing cabinet is like mine - There's dead area underneath anyway - something could be rigged up.

    You can get through the metal in many ways - a pilot hole with a drill, then a jigsaw with Metal blade is an option

    Or a hole say is another option.

    I'm sure Dremels would work as well , depending how thick the material is.
  10. in a pinch sheet metal sheers and a lot of elbow grease will get you through it. And some pliers. lol
  11. im going to put some light traps on the bottom for intake and on top for the exhaust

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