Fiji Marijuana Farmers Resist Police Raids

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by RMJL, Jul 17, 2004.

  1. Newsbrief: Fiji Marijuana Farmers Resist Police Raids


    Marijuana farmers in the Fiji Islands are fighting back against law enforcement efforts to seize their crops, the Fiji Times reported on July 11. While the Times reported that the farmers "are not violent," their tactics have reportedly included throwing nails onto roads in the area to puncture the tires of police vehicles and killing the cattle and destroying the crops of informers.

    Matters came to a head early this month when a team of 30 officers entered the Navosa highlands, where they uprooted 1,819 plants in one raid and 2,335 in another. As the team was returning from the raids, a tire blew in the police vehicle. Upon investigation, officers found the road strewn with nails.

    "Police officers got out of the vehicles to check and they found nails thrown on the road," a police spokesman told the Fiji Times. "We faced the same problem again on [two days later] while returning to the police station after a raid in the interior of Korolevu. Police officers again found lots of nails thrown on the road," he said. Three more vehicles had blown tires, he reported.

    Police blame the pot farmers and a community that, at least in part, supports them. "It is the marijuana cultivators, and we believe that it is being deliberately done to try and keep us away," the police spokesman said. "We have the support of only some villagers from the area and others are not assisting because of various reasons," he said.

    Peasants in the interior of the islands have turned to marijuana cultivation as a source of income in the face of a tough economy, according to the Times. The Fiji Post reported Tuesday that more raids had occurred.
  2. All I have to say about this is...HELL YEAH!

    We need more people like these fiji farmers to put up non-violent resistance to the war on cannabis.
  3. Well you know what they say, the nicest people in the world are from Fiji, why can't the rest of the world act in such subtleness?
  4. very cool stuff.

    only good way i can think of protesting , is the following:

    Plant as many plants as you can outside.


    not just poblic places, in woods, everywhere, try to make the marihuana plant a part of the local fauna again.

    then when there is pot everywhere , who cares if its illegal :)

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