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Figuring out coco DTW

Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by elroyyboy, Nov 24, 2021.

  1. It’s been a learning curve but figuring out coco DTW w jacks 321. Day 45 of 12/12 in 4x4 mix of plants from seed. Tallest are both Karma Bitch from Rare Dankness. Remainders are one Peyote Cookie and two Ayahuasca Purples from Barney’s. Around 600w of LED HLG R spec. One 300L RSpec and a kit light HLG XL 320 R Spec. Ppm. 850. Ph 5.8-5.9. Temps 86 degrees with -2 diff in leaf temp. RH 60% lights on. Lots of air flow. Hitting vpd. Had some lockout on one of the big girls and had to increase watering frequency and volume. Running 1100 ppm CO2.

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  2. I have a coco bed that is 3x6. I flash feed meaning I water 20-30 gallons a min and let it flow out roughly. Flushing twice in flower with ph water. The more you can feed this the better I find. Went from twice a week to ever other day and results doubled!

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  3. Good information.
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