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  1. Hey, I've been an avid smoker ever since I graduated college. I work for now and find weed the best way to concentrate at work. I also live in Denver and we recently voted yes on legalizing a certain amount of marijuana. However, state laws over-rule city laws, so it's an obsolete, yet provocative statement to everyone trying to change the laws. Anyway, thought I'd introduce myself.

    Name: Jason
    Location: Denver, CO
    Age: 22

    P.S. The girl I thought I could marry left me tonight abruptly (for no real reason). Any tips on how to relax and not stress out about it. Thanks guys. -Jason.
  2. Awww dude, sorry to hear about the girl! Who needs em, eh? There's always more out there. Just sit back and relax and smoke a bowl. But on a lighter side, I'm comin to Denver this summer with another member from the boards (Floydian), maybe we could meet up and blaze.

    Welcome to the City! And best wishes on your problem with the girl!

  3. Welcome to The City man. I'm sorry to hear about your gal. Maybe if you smoke yourself silly it will help some. There are a lot of places to keep your attention here. So dive in and don't look back. ;) -- In all seriousness, time is the only thing that will help your pain. I don't think there is a tried and true way of relaxing after something like that. I wish you all the luck and really hope to see you on the forums. Good luck man!

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