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Figured out a way to go green for this year

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pipesmith, May 11, 2010.

  1. Bud has really made me apreceate nature alot more the birds,trees,sky it all seems to melt together into perfect harmony when im on a walk and because of this
    this year on 420 i made a resilution to do my part for the envirment and that it to stop using lighters...

    Not all together and i didnt want to use matches because they piss me off if if i have to relight so i looked into beeline and i cant find any around me and i dont want to pay for gay shipping prices so i decided to make it...

    What i am now doing is taking toothpicks wrapping toilet paper around one end and lighting that...

    this helps the envirment by making lighters last longer and so theres not as much bic lighters in landfills...

    well that was random just wanted to know what you think :bongin:
  2. Hahahaha sorry dude but come on.
  3. bad for ur lungs
  4. thats suuuuper impractical and is wasting a ton of paper. maybe you should just go buy a zippo. it'll last forever, just refill it. problem solved. plus, then you dont have to hold any buttons down while you smoke, just flick, hold, inhale!
  5. This is like trying to lose weight by going to McDonald's and ordering a supersized meal with a diet coke.
  6. wish i had one but i need money and zippos cost like 50 bucks and besides it only for this year since i decided i needed to give a little back to the green

  7. No they dont. You can get a zippo at a fucking gas station for $20. BUT, zippos suck for cornering, so fuck that.

    Buy a lighter, and do something worthwhile like recycling to help the environment.

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