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  1. Ok so i like thinking about stuff but i thought of some breakthrough stuff so i need to tell some ppl so i dont forget it. Im not a religious person but i believe in some sort of being behind the scenes. I figured it out and the only way i can accurately relay my discoveries in a way that other peope will undrr stand it to tell of them and tell how i realized them.
    Evolution is legit:
    Theory started as a hypothitical situation
    "imagine what itd be like if humans had no intellegence and survived just on the instinct to eat. What itd be like if there was no morals whatsoever"
    I was thinking quietly about it when i thought about how humans are simply the best predators. What makes them the best predators is their abilty to communicate. Communication indirectly affected intelligence(or perhaps, humans also had a greater ability to learn and think). The smarter people survived via natural selection. Humans evolved into the form they are today and gradually increased their ability to cominicate and [new thought]perhaps... The humans ability to communicate allowed them to see other points of view. A crucial part of thinking because they learned to question themslves.[end thought].
    This train of thought led me to thinking about religion and how christianity would tie into it.
    Evolution and The bible dont contradict eachother.
    God created scientific law.
    I personally believe that the bible today doesnt say what it used to say. As in, its been changed to assist the interpretations that the catholic authority had of it and it has been corrupted in that manner.
    Got created everything with their unique attributes and man happend to have voice boxes which allowed them to communicate at the level that we do and allowed man to pretty much take over the world.
    God created a primative man. No inhibitions. No right or wrong.
    But man grew smarter. God did not like this. It was his first commamdment to not partake of the fruit of knowledge. Originally, it was not a fruit but was meant to be interpreted as do not become too smart. Eve communicated with a serpent (perhaps satan?) and opened the gate to thought. She opened the gate to realize that there are other points of view and allowed her to question herself. She, therefore, communicated with adam and that displeased god because humans started thinking and there was a great change and god cursed man to mortality.
    Now think of human nature.
    Humans are naturally greedy.
    I believe god cursed man to have greed.
    Or rather, god made man have the ability to have joy.
    This led to greed.
    I believe god made joy ungraspable.
    The great irony of life. that i think of it the seven deadly sins go right along with this theory. They are what man was cursed to. If you are commiting any of those sins you are cursed to be unhappy. Naturally unhappy.
    Those things that men are naturally tempted to will be the cause of mans demise. God cursed us to our own demise. What is the purpose of life...?

    Well im done for now... Was really high but i think it helped me think deeper and be more insightful. My dealers plant just yielded so i got a good hookup that gave me an eighth of his dro for 55$. Still pretty high. Took me an hour aftet smokin to get home and ive been writing this for effin forever.
  2. that's a cool first post dude.
  3. not to burst your bubble but look at the evolution of religion. there has been so many religions before Christianity that it is clearly based off, in terms of the beliefs and story. Once our intelligence is evolved enough we will be smart enough to realize how silly it really is and how the human race will be better off without it.
  4. I digressed from my original theory. I did not stop my philosophical exploration where i ended my post. I got tired of typing. Anywho, i began thinking about other religions and began thinking that the god of all the religions could be the same god just interpreted differently due to social predispostions and indivual culture. Adam and eve could simply apply as a metaphor to the first group(s) of people. Science and religion can coexist. If i watched more discovery channel i could make better use of my thoughts.
  5. The reason Christianity is alike to many religions before it is because G-d knew that we humans are finite beings with limited understanding and by presenting it in a way that was familiar, but that happened only 2,000 years ago, we would be able to grasp Him better. Sure, there are plenty of religions with a virgin birth, or with an intelligent design to the start of life, or with a god that interacts with his creation, but no religions (save for Mormonism, but... nevermind. That's a thread in and of itself) have actual documented events behind them other than the Abrahamic religions (Protestantism, Catholicism, and Islam).

    The thing that both the extreme left and the extreme right miss is that G-d is creator of all things, including science, and He is boundless. How the hell do we know if he started off with a single cell or a single organism? We don't.

    That's where faith comes in.
  6. Yo man, thats nice to know man
  7. i think god IS science and IS math, and the rest of everything we dont yet understand.christianity, jews, and muslims all warship the same god but with slightly different views.

    im pretty sure comercial religion was just a way to controol populations into fearing for there souls so they wouldnt do bad things like the law takes care of now.

    i just hate the wat that jews think christiand are not geting into heavin because they warship a falce idol (jesus) and christians think jews will go to hell for not believeing in jesus. everything has to be there way or no way. i think if u lead a good life and dont commit evil acts that god will have mercy on your ignorance of whatever is the true religion if there even is one, who knowa

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