Figured it out

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by KB_124, Jun 20, 2004.

  1. Ok... Think I just figured it out... We once came from Mars, then it became uninhabited, be it our fault, or something we couldn't control.. Then we had the technology to move to earth. Now we're exploring Mars again, as someplace to escape to again... It's just a huge fucking circle... of coarse, I could be wrong :D
  2. No, you nailed it :D
  3. you, my friend, are toasted... nicely toasted...
  4. makes me laugh, is it really that funny, i high.......<(-_-)>
  5. well acording to the anunaki thoery, we are genticly modified beings from mars designed to live here, from apes, a lower lifeform created to do their bidding, much proof aswell, all of withc makes sense

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